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Persona Profile: Naradis

Writer: Curious

Name: Naradis
Age: 17
Birthday: m4 d8
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Face Claim: Daisy Ridley

Physical Description of Persona:
Naradis has a triangular face with a jawline that is somewhat strong, but possesses a softness to the edges that makes it fall just short of being chiseled. A button nose rests above middling-full pink lips that tilt upward easily. Even when she is not smiling or smirking, one can make out faint hint of smile lines if they focus. Narrow hazel eyes reside below finely-arched brunette eyebrows. Her hair is a shade darker, able to be mistaken for black in the fight light. It is roughly shoulder-length and has a bit of a natural curl when she leaves it down. Although it appears thick, a touch would reveal the texture to be fine and silky.

It would be a lie to call the young woman graceful. She stands at a height of 5’6” and has not quite grown into her limbs yet. Someday she may be willowy, but for now, ‘gangly’ is the aptest term. Her skin, fair save for a healthy tan from exposure to rukbat, does not sport any scars aside from a few small marks on her arms and legs gained from various trips, stumbles, and missteps. However, even the worst of those is likely to fade within a couple of turns.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Naradis has a lot of big names in her family. A Weyrwoman for a mother, a northern Weyrleader for a father, a bronzeriding brother, and even a Wingsecond if one counts her mother’s weyrmate. Naradis genuinely loves her family and is happy to have them. However, big names cast big shadows. She cannot help but feel small and skippable next to them, and that bothers her. Although it bothers her that she is seventeen and has not yet impressed, she wouldn’t quite say that she is _jealous_. Not of her mother, at least. She knows that she does not want all of the inescapable work of being a goldrider. Truthfully, there are many aspects of riding gold that she can’t help but shy away from. No, the better thing to say is that she feels small. Unseen.

And she hates it.

Naradis doesn’t consider herself an attention-hog by any means. She’s fine with sharing the spotlight. She’s _not_ fine with spending her whole life right next to it. The very notion of spending the rest of her life known first and foremost for who she’s related to grates at her. It has also given her something of a suspicious streak regarding people who are friendly with her. A social creature at heart, she does enjoy being around others. The trouble is her inability to gauge whether someone wants to be friends with _her_ or whether they want to be friends with the Weyrwoman’s daughter. Despite her dislike of being looked over, she also dislikes having a good deal of attention being on her for this very reason. She’s confident that people aren’t looking at her, but Cyradis’ daughter. And with those gazes come oh so many _expectations_. She fears that people want her to look a certain way, say this, do that, stand for this long and impress that dragon.

All of these feelings have built up over the turns and started to weigh down on her. Now, in the midst of her teenaged turns, she has begun to break. Naradis defies the weight of expectations by belligerently refusing to be anything but herself. She breaks out of the shadows by doing it so loudly that people don’t have the choice to see her as anything _but_ herself. And what is she?

Naradis is observant. She’s good at picking up little details and piecing clues together. She’s clever in a way that allows her to be a fast learner as well as clever in a way that gives her an edge with observations hidden until and unless she wants to share them. This tendency toward secrecy is one of her less obvious traits, the girl is outspoken to the point of coming across as brash. One of the consequences of this is that she’s prone to lashing out when she is upset. Her solid work ethic is undermined by a lack of self-control that sees her prone to giving in to flights of impulse and recklessness. Of course, when she is in such a mood, it is rarely she alone who is dragged into the ensuing antics. There is a certain willful charisma to her that makes her a good ringleader. And truth be told, she _likes_ being in charge. It feels _good_ to have people do what she says and look to her for guidance and have faith in her. She may not want the sheer weight of responsibility that comes with a queen, but although she is not liable to say it, she _does_ enjoy having at least some degree of responsibility. It is grounding and stabilizing in a way that few things are.

There are many things Naradis doesn’t want. But one thing that she is absolutely certain that she _does_ want? Naradis wants to impress. All of her life she has wanted a dragon, and even though turns of standing have begun to grate on her, she isn’t about to give up any time soon. There is only one problem with that. Despite her hatred of expectations, she _does_ love her family, and even though she would never say it, _even though_ she knows that it is unlikely to be true of anyone except for maybe her father, she cannot help but fear that they will be disappointed in her if she doesn’t impress a gold. Maybe even angry. She has made a point of being (perhaps _overly_) clear about her lack of interest in queens in an unspoken effort to make it less likely, yet the lingers. She isn’t even quite as opposed to impressing a gold as she makes herself seem. Truth be told, she would accept _any_ dragon that looked her way. She just knows that it won’t be a gold. After all, she knows how flights work. All gold flights are won by bronzes and browns, and all bronze and brownriders are men. That means that green is her only option. The reason she is yet to say as much outright is something she tries to avoid thinking about as much as possible. Just like no one has ever heard of a goldrider who loves other women, she has never met a greenrider who prefers them over men. It doesn’t mean that there are none or that it is impossible - a hope which she clings to whenever the thought enters her mind. But truth be told? It scares her. The possibility that she isn’t good enough, that she’ll never be chosen no matter how hard she tries, that she’ll go ignored because of her sexuality or some quirk of her personality or any other thing she can’t control, scares her. Even dragonless have known a bond for a while. But not impressing at all? She can think of no fate more painful than to be alone when she walks off the sands for the final time.

All those doubts and fears do not stop her. That is because if Naradis hates one thing above all else, it is quitting without being able to say that she gave her best effort.

History of Persona:
Naradis was the third child and first daughter born to the goldrider Cyradis and bronzerider N'lon. She showed the beginnings of an independent personality from a young age, and although her parents were fairly involved in her life by dragonriders standards, rarely protested to time spent in the creche. The ebb and flow of Weyr life felt natural to her. Similarly, she came to accept two things about her parents as a constant. One, her mother was a powerful woman. With Cyradis being promoted to Weyrwoman's Second only a turn after she was born, she cannot remember a time when things were different. Two, there would likely always be some degree of strife between her parents. Although she had vague memories from when they were weyrmated, they broke up when she was young enough that it didn't take her long to accept the new normal.

Her mother's promotion, her parents separated, even the birth of Kielya; none of it truly phased her. The first real upheaval in her life came when her mother transferred to Dolphin Cove Weyr and brought her children with her. Being the daughter of the Weyrwoman's Second was one thing, but _Weyrwoman_ was another entirely, especially in a place that was so new and unfamiliar. Combined with the differing attitudes of culture and the south, it meant that she had to become far more aware of politics and how she behaved. At first it was easy enough. She avoided people who disliked her mother or were overly hidebound and tried to behave. But time passed, she gained more awareness of the world, of how people could look at her without seeing her, of all the assumptions that people tended to make, and her restraints, which once hadn't felt like restraints at all, began to chafe.

Having begun standing as a candidate as soon as she was old enough, she shared some time on the sands with her older brother, R'nar. Watching him impress without her stung. She was happy for him, yes, but it also made her feel like a failure in comparison. A failure that now stood in the shadow of yet another person. She actually considered asking for a transfer back to the Weyr of her birth for a little while. Given that N'lon was Weyrleader now, the transfer was almost certain to be accepted as long as she could get her mother to agree. However, the knowledge of how such a request might hurt her family and suspicion that her father would expect a great deal of her ultimately made her decide against it. Naradis opted to stay at Dolphin Cove and tell no one about her more complex feelings. Instead, she started trying to be bigger and bolder and rebelled in small but noticeable ways. She would never be anyone but herself, but maybe, if she tried hard enough, she could make herself into something unforgettable.

Family and Friends
Cyradis, 45, Weyrwoman, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Mother)
R'nar, 20, Wingrider, Ash Wing, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Brother)
Kielya, 11, Weyr Resident, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Half-Sister)
Lonrad, 24, Senior Apprentice Vintner (Brother)
N'lon, 49, Weyrleader (Father)
Kendran, 4, Weyrbrat (Half-Brother)

Approved: February 2nd 2021
Last updated: January 23rd 2021

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