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Persona Profile: Relkeyi

Writer: Ames

Name: Relkeyi
Age: 19
Birthday: m12 d25
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Face Claim: David Henrie

Physical Description of Persona:
Relkeyi is small in stature. Many of even described him as dainty at times in his life. When he was a child he was mistaken for a girl due to his facial features. Much of that did not change as he aged.

Small for his age, Relkeyi's face can be described as beautiful. He has dark brown, almost black hair and blue, vibrant eyes.

While not overly muscular, he has earned his share of muscles helping to work on the family farmland.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Relkeyi wants to share his big heart with everyone around him, but he has become guarded after a difficult childhood. He is loyal to those he trusts, but has learned to be wary of people around him.

Relkeyi has always known, even from a young, age that he is _different_. As he aged, he learned that that difference meant he had no interest in females other than as friends.

Once someone can break the walls he's had to put around himself, Relkeyi will let forth his fun-loving inner self. He loves art, music, and friendship. If he'd been given a choice he would have pursued the Harper craft, but his family insisted he would stay and help on the family farm.

History of Persona:
Born the 7th and final living child to a family of cotholders in the Emerald Falls Territory, Relkeyi loved life even from a young age.

Being the youngest of 7 brothers meant there was much teaching and taunting in their home. Relkeyi was a sensitive child, something his mother noticed right away. She tried her best to protect her youngest as long as she could. Sadly, she died along with his only younger sibling, a sister, when he was but 6 Turns old.

From that moment on, Relkeyi's life changed. From the happy, loving world he'd had with his mother, he now had to endure the constant taunting and battery of his older brothers. They did not appreciate his sensitivity and feminine traits.

As he grew, he knew his desires were different than theirs. He tried to hide them after his father beat when he was 11 Turns and found him exploring things with another boy he'd met. He never saw the other boy again.

His urges couldn't be stifled for long. Relkeyi learned, instead, how to hide them from his father and brothers. However, they found him again when he was 15 Turns. This time they beat him so hard to "whip the desires" out of him, he ended up bedridden for a few days.

It was at that time, he began to make plans to get away from his family. He began to develop a friendship and relationship with a boy from the main Hold, Kathul. They would see each other as often as they could. However, as they were planning to run away together, Relkeyi's brothers caught them.

Angry and ashamed at their youngest brother, the boys ganged up on the pair and beat them severely. Then, the left Relkeyi a far distance from any civilized Hold or cothold and told their father he'd died in an accident. Relkeyi has no idea what happened to his first love, Kathul.

He was found by a rider and taken to Dolphin Cove Weyr, where he will be given time to heal and will eventually Stand for an upcoming Hatching.

Family and Friends
Rancarn, 31, Farmer (Oldest brother of Relkeyi)

Approved: March 19th 2019
Last updated: March 19th 2019

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