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Persona Profile: Aille


Name: Aille
Age: 28
Birthday: m5 d6
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Job: Assistant Cook

Physical Description of Persona:
Aille is on the taller side for a woman with hair the colour of hearty klah tumbles past delicate shoulders frame a gently squared face. Large, dark eyes peer from beneath thick eyelashes over a porcelain nose. Full lips own a natural pink hue which stands out against the warm hue of her olive-toned skin. A long neck and sculpted shoulders along with rolling curves are generally well featured in the variety of clothes she wears, fabric draped carefully so as not to overshadow her natural beauty.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Though she owns a strong will, Aille has learned over the years to curb her tongue and her temper. Her time with her husband has left her hurt, and angry, though she remembers the kindness and love that marked her childhood. Although wary of men, there is a softness within that shines through from time to time - and with certain people.

History of Persona:
Born to a pair of drudges at a minor hold, Aille was one of nine children and was reared in the orchards that grew in the valley at the foot of the Sorriv mountains, south of Sunstone Seahold.

Her childhold was uneventful. Although there were many mouths to feed, her parents were loving, and spats with her siblings were nothing more than ordinary sibling rivalry.

A pretty child, as Aille grew older, her beauty became more refined. In an effort to help their daughter have a more prosperous life, she was married at sixteen to a cotholder, Bortin, who was fifteen years her senior. At first, her life seemed to go well. Her husband, though not particularly handsome, treated her decently and she kept her part by keeping the hold. Unfortunately, only a couple of months into their marriage, she discovered he had a penchant for drinking and gambling - particularly gambling. At first, both of these vices were mild. Occasionally he would arrive at their quarters completely sodded, sometimes overly eager to get her to bed, though half the time that eagerness waned into slumber before he'd even finished what he started.

After the death of his twin brother, however, things began to change. The drinking and gambling became more frequent, and more often Aille found herself having to sell items to pay off his debts.

One evening, Bortin arrived in an excited state, but when Aille attempted to find out what was wrong, he would only mutter unintelligibly, then finally succumbed to a drunken slumber. Two days later, a man by the name of Trevik arrived, demanding payment of gambling debts. Unable to meet such a high debt, Bortin offered a week with his wife - and Trevik accepted it. Aille went unwillingly, but could do nothing accept her fate.

Afterward, the gambling increased. More and more often, Aille became used as payment. Eventually, one of those large debts to be paid was to a man by the name of Bryvin. When Aille was offered, he was pleased to accept - and then pleased enough with her that he offered to pay Bortin to keep his wife only for him.

Bortin, happy for another steady source of income, gladly accepted, and was even happier when Bryvin was confirmed as Lord of Sunstone, but his gambling became even worse. Eventually, he pondered using his wife once more without letting Bryvin know, but his drinking caught up to him and Bortin's heart gave out. When Aille woke up the next day, it was beside a dead man.

Unfortunately, Bortin's debts were far greater than anyone at the hold had imagined. As she watched, all her possessions, all that she had in the world was carted off and she was soon to be returned to drudgery - until Bryvin arrived and offered Aille a life at Sunstone that, though certainly not the most glamorous, would be far better than what else might await her, so she accepted.

Approved: December 29th 2015
Last updated: June 11th 2017

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