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Persona Profile: Torianna


Name: Torianna
Age: 19
Birthday: m5 d17
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Citrus Bay Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Torianna is petite and slim. She stands at barely five feet tall and much of that height is in her legs. Her hair is dark red (auburn) and hangs straight, past her waist and sits in a fringe across her brow. She likes to wear it back in a runner tail or plait. Her eyes are a soft brown, which stand out in her fair but lightly freckled face.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Torianna is a dreamer. Because she doesn't know who her father, she daydreams that he might really be a Weyrleader, who wanted her to have a 'normal' life, or a Lord Holder, orů They all involve him whisking her away into some sort of exciting life.

Likewise, she daydreams about a future man in her life who might sweep her off her feet. Luckily, she's good at all the 'wifely' stuff she'd need, like cooking, cleaning, sewing and embroidery.

History of Persona:
Torianna is the daughter of Morin, the late Lord of Sunstone Seahold. Her mother died giving birth to her. Although her mother named her Morianna, when she died, her father took her to foster with Raghad and told him to call her Torianna, for her own safety.

She was taken in and raised by Raghad and his family at Citrus Bay Hold. She's been told her parents were family friends and nothing more, so she knows nothing about her parents, except that her mother is dead. All she has of her is a round, silver locket on a tarnished chain. It's her most treasured possession.

Family and Friends
Naena, 60, Cook (Milk mother)

Approved: November 22nd 2015
Last updated: March 16th 2016

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