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Persona Profile: Arnolt


Name: Arnolt
Age: 17
Birthday: m11 d11
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold

Physical Description of Persona:
Arnott is a thin, reedy looking boy with a mop of wavy brown hair and pale blue eyes. His nose is long, thin and covered in splotches of freckles. Usually dressed in cast off clothes similar to what other dock boys wear, the main difference with Arnott is a ragged cap that he keeps tucked over his hair.

Arnott is missing his thumb and first two fingers of his right hand. The other two fingers are gnarled where they have been broken and healed without being set. Though reset, he doesn't have much use of the hand, and he carries it close to his chest under his jacket. It pains him from time to time, but has faded to a mild ache that he's learned to tolerate.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Arnott is a sly, dock-wise boy of the Hold. There isn't much he hasn't seen and there is no denying that he's been jaded by a rough childhood. He's intelligent, cunning and quick, with admirable reflexes. He uses those reflexes to pick pockets, do occasional thefts and generally keep to the wrong side of the docks.

History of Persona:
Arnott is the eldest son of a drunk sailor and his equally drunk wife. His father was useless and his mother weak willed, unable and unwilling to protect her son from his father's rages because of her own habits. Arnott was sent out to the docks to beg at an early age, so his education to the reality of life began far too early.

His father would not let him apprentice to a craft, liking the money that Arnott brought home from his petty thefts. It set into motion that nothing would ever change in his life, and it lent the young boy a hard dose of cynicism. He tried to take care of his younger brother, but all he could do was to teach his little brother how to live as he did.

Arnott was hired to paint accusatory pictures of a guard, Yarmel and Arnott gladly did so, his pictures graphic. Unfortunately, he had had run ins with Yarmel in the past and the guard had a reputation for using the young boys in the dock in the worst ways. Arnott portrayed that in his pictures and it sent Yarmel into a rage. He was caught, and Yarmel not only abused him, but brought him to his father. Arnott ended up having his hand mangled and broken, with two fingers and his thumb viciously chopped off so that he could never paint pictures like that again. His father, intimidated by Yarmel and being paid a good sum of marks, agreed to send Arnott to the Hold as a drudge.

Bryvin took an interest after he learned of the boy's innate slyness and intelligence; to gain the boy's allegiance, he bought Arnolt's siblings from their father and brought them into the hold to educate them. Arnolt knows he carries a heavy debt to Bryvin as a result, but the action bought his loyalty and he proves it regularly.

Family and Friends
Cordero, 15, Jr. Apprentice Smith (Brother)
Artolera, 11, Hold Brat (Sister)
Nolcora, 8, Hold Brat (Sister)

Approved: July 1st 2015
Last updated: February 1st 2020

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