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Persona Profile: Rizpaulen


Name: Rizpaulen
Age: 59
Birthday: m7 d23
Rank: Minor Holder
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Minor Holder of Merry Brook

Physical Description of Persona:
Rizpaulen is an extremely large and rugged man who towers over most. His shaggy brown hair frames a blocky face with heavy lidded grey eyes that make one think of storm clouds. He has a strong jaw which is covered with a close cropped beard showing more flecks of gray than his hair. A broad, flat nose sets in the middle of his face with trimmed mustache underneath.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Traditional to the extreme, Rizpaulen thoroughly embraces southern values. Honor and duty are integral to his charcter and he is both fair and honest, though not so niave that he expects others to be so. Straightforward and pragmatic he can also be unyielding at times. He is plain-spoken and terse and will make no apology for it.

History of Persona:
Rizpaulen lost most of his immediate family to the plague when he was in his first turn of Harper's lessons. The minor Hold of Merrybrook was all but decimated and those that survived had to move on to find work and feed their families. He and his sister were taken in by the former Holder of Merrybrook (a cousin) and they moved with his family as he sought work. After turns, they finally settled into a cothold on the land of the familiy's original Hold of Merry Brook in hopes of beginning to rebuild what had once been theirs. The former Holder died discontent and embittered, leaving the children he had raised with a compelling drive to regain what the family had lost.

Rizpaulen worked alongside his cousin's son to rebuild the former Hold and indeed the cothold grew to the size of a minor hold. When his cousin's son had no sons to name as heir, he named Rizpaulen. Marrying a woman as driven as himself, Rizpaulen worked tirelessly to return Merrybrook to what it once had been. He fathered eight children, with seven surviving and the Hold prospered. With his eldest son's marriage providing a strong alliance with one of the neighboring Holds, Rizpaulen petitioned the Lord Holder to have Merrybrook restored to its former standing. Much to his delight, Lord Holder Corowal did so, earning Rizpaulen's undying gratitude and unwavering fealty.

Family and Friends
R'taran, 29, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Son)
P'ton, 19, Wingrider, Cyclone Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Son)
Tarantonia, 50, Minor Holder's Wife (Wife)
Rizton, 31, Hold Resident (Son)
Lenton, 26, Hold Resident (Son)
Tarizzia, 20, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Toniapaulene, 16, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Tarpaulen, 11, Hold Resident (Son)

Approved: June 14th 2015
Last updated: August 12th 2016

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