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Persona Profile: Traharn


Name: Traharn
Age: 37
Birthday: m8 d14
Rank: Senior Journeyman Tanner
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Tanner
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Saddlemaker

Physical Description of Persona:
Traharn is of average height and underweight. He has dark brown hair with touch of grey and brown eyes. With shallow cheeks, frown lines and haunted, sad look in his eyes, he looks decades older than he actually is. He was once muscular man, now his skin sags and his shoulders are hunched. He has deft hands, scarred by his craft. He has large Thread score-scar on his back.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Traharn has been a broken man ever since his dragon died. Sad and anguished, only thing that keeps him from following his lifemate is his little firelizard and the small joy he gets from his craft. His sister and her children are the third support that keeps him breaking up completely. He enjoys telling wild, exaggerated stories to his nephews and nieces about his Turns as dragonrider. Even when talking about Edmyth hurts. It's hardly surprise that he drinks heavily. He is very skilled saddlemaker when he's not on a drinking binge. Every saddle he makes is beautiful and full of small, elegant details and decorations.

History of Persona:
Traharn was born in Emerald Falls hold, as the third child of a cotholder Harner and his wife Travila. He had pretty normal childhood. At the age of twelve, he apprenticed to the tannercraft. When he was sixteen, he was Searched. The Pern's queens had started out to lay massive clutches. After a Turn in Weyr, Traharn Impressed brown Edmyth, becoming T'harn. T'harn had no troubles adjusting to dragonrider's life. He was friendly, jovial fellow who got well along with his Wingmates. All was well in his life and then Pass begun. The first Turn of the Pass went well for T'harn and Edmyth. They were even considered to Wingsecond's position. Then, during the Turn 02, they got badly Scored. So badly that Edmyth did not survive and T'harn only barely. It took him almost full Turn to recover to the point he was able to return to Emerald Falls Hold. Now Traharn again, he dedicated to his craft, finding it possible to forget Edmyth when he concentrated to his work deeply enough. Of course, then something happened to remind him of his loss and he went to drinking again. He now lives in combined cot/workshop near his sister Hanila and her family. She keeps a sharp eye on him and he works when he can and drinks when he can't work.

Family and Friends
Harner, 79, Cotholder (father )
Travila, 74, Deceased (mother)
Hanila, 39, Hold resident (sister)


Aggie, Green Firelizard: aged 14, hatched m10 d10
Aggie is medium sized and her colour is lime-green. She is gentle, very affectionate and attached to her human, she never leaves Traharn longer than necessary and returns to him as soon as she can. She seems to know how important she is to him. That she's keeping him anchored to life.

Approved: May 27th 2015
Last updated: May 21st 2015

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