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Persona Profile: Chaysea



Name: Chaysea
Age: 35
Birthday: m5 d26
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Face Claim: Adriana Lima

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (August 2014)

Physical Description of Persona:
Chaysea, the youngest of her sisters, looks remarkably like her younger, and only, brother Chupsin. She shares his brown hair, although hers has more natural highlights, not surprising as her eldest sister has a long wave of blonde hair. Chaysea's hair cascades in a natural flow of glossy perfection down just beneath her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face.

Clear blue eyes, like her other siblings, rest beneath a pair of finely arched eyebrows. High, distinguished cheekbones and an up turned nose give her face angular strength.

At 5'7" Chaysea is a nice suitable height for a woman with long shapely legs and a modest bust. She prefers fitted dresses or skirts that highlight her trim waist and often wears a soft shade of grey, a sign that she is still in mourning for her recently deceased husband.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Chaysea was nearly lost in the shuffle as a child, mostly because she was neither the first child nor the last and once Chupsin was born he became the light of their parents world. Thus, Chaysea has always been quietly independent, not afraid to chart her own path in life and make her own decisions. That being said, she was always an obedient child to her parents, willing to earn their approval even by marrying a man fifty Turns her senior.

Chaysea is very intelligent with a quick wit and sharp intellect. She enjoys reading and taking walks in the evening around the vintner hall. Her quiet confidence makes Chaysea a somewhat intimidating woman to approach, but people find when they speak to her that she has a warm way of making them feel important. The woman despises idleness and believes in hard work, no matter your station in life.

History of Persona:
Chaysea was the fourth child out of the five that her parents brought into the world. While her parents attention focused mainly on her younger brother, Chaysea was left to quietly occupy herself, usually through reading or whatever work she had for the basic Harper classes she was allowed to attend. What Chaysea really wanted to be in life was a healer, she loved taking care of others, the Holds antiquated attitude towards women crafters quickly squelched that dream. Instead she was forced to watch as her brotherly went off to the healer craft.

Remaining behind at the Hold, Chaysea was trained on how to keep a household, like most girls her age. The only problem was that Chaysea found very little interest in the immature "men" at the hold. When her parents set up a marriage between herself, twenty-five at the time, and an elderly Master Vintner, she did not argue. After all, at the man's advanced age of seventy-three Chaysea became more of a sick maid to her husband rather than a wife. She carefully tended to Dothran for six Turns and her diligence paid off since her husband's wealth was left to her.

Even with a small fortune of marks and valuable vintages left behind to her, Chaysea was not a person prone to idleness and instead took on the position of Headwoman at the Vintner Hall for one Turn and then after that interviewed for the Headwoman position at Dolphin Cove when it came available.

After a couple of Turns at the Weyr, Chaysea was presented with the opportunity to adopt the infant of a girl at the Dolphin Hall. Not knowing if she would ever get the chance to produce her own children, Chaysea happily took the opportunity.

Seayra changed Chaysea's life and priorities. Although the Weyr presented an amazing opportunity at a point in Chaysea's life when she needed it most, she really wanted to raise Seayra the way she had been raised, in the Hold. Even though the work of Weyr Headwoman was incredibly fulfilling, Chaysea submitted her resignation in Month 1 of the 9th Turn and took up residence at Emerald Falls Hold to raise her daughter.

Family and Friends
Seayra, 1, Weyrbrat (Daughter (Adopted))


Company, Brown Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m10 d1
Company is a growing firelizard, who will probably be average to large size when fully grown. At the moment he has pronouned eyeridges that give him the look of having big eyebrows, and his head is shaped like a walnut. He is smitten with his human, and works very hard to please her, even though he sometimes gets over excited and loses track of what he was suppose to be doing.

Approved: June 10th 2013
Last updated: December 18th 2019

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