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Persona Profile: Caenir


Name: Caenir
Age: 35
Birthday: m1 d18
Rank: Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter
Location: Green Valley Hold
Job: Head of Stables
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Runners

Physical Description of Persona:
Green eyes are the first thing most people notice about this tall man. Bright green eyes with gold around the pupil. His smile lights up his face and he must like to smile from the lines that crinkle around his eyes. He keeps his brown hair cut fairly short so it's easier to take care of. A square jaw, dimpled chin, full lips and well proportioned nose make him easy on the eyes. He's not only tall but well built. His craft keeps him in good shape and he is quite strong.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Generally quiet and reserved, some say that Caenir carries on better conversations with the runners than he does with other people. In truth, Caenir is simply more comfortable when he's gotten to know someone and prefers more intimate surroundings rather than those with a lot of people. He's steady and reliable, dedicated to Green Valley and to his friend Reven. He has a good sense of humour and is not above teasing someone he's particularly fond of. Around women, however, he tends to be shy though always a gentleman.

History of Persona:
Caenir was the only child of a beastcrafter and was born late in their lives. He learned early on how to care for animals from his father but from the beginning he had a particular fondness for runners.

Growing up his life was fairly uneventful. He worked hard, studied hard and enjoyed his craft. When he became journeyman he traveled around and worked with various runner bloodlines in various holds as well as teaching about runners and their care.

It was while he was at Red Rush hold that he met Reven. The two got along well and became good friends pretty quickly. When Reven accepted the position of holder of Green Valley, Caenir was asked to join him as the head of his stables.

Family and Friends
Reven, 33, Provisional Warder, Emerald Falls Hold (Best Friend)
Nirandor, 95, Retired Master Beastcrafter (Father)
Caeneila, 77, Hold Resident (GVH) (Mother)

Approved: February 19th 2013
Last updated: June 11th 2017

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