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Persona Profile: Lerwit


Name: Lerwit
Age: 17
Birthday: m6 d12
Rank: Junior Apprentice Dolphineer
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Lerwit is one of those young boys who has mischief written all over him. With an unruly mop of dark-blonde hair, a pair of alarmingly large front teeth and a devious grin on his face almost continuously, you can't help but wonder what he is up to now. Luckily, the boy has a pair of big blue eyes to earn him a few trust points, regardless of his overall waggish appearance. Lerwit is relatively small for his age and has high hopes for his teenage growth-spurt. Only time will tell if that will fill him out into a more formidable fellow.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Even though his appearance spells trouble to most, Lerwit really is a good boy. He certainly likes to joke around and maybe pull a few harmless pranks, but the boy is more righteous then most people assume. If he catches on to someone else pulling the nastier kind of prank, Lerwit will most likely be won over by the natural teenage desire to be approved of by his peers, but only after a long and gruelling process of deliberation, driven on by self doubt and guilt. If he can 'get away with it' Lerwit will certainly engage in pleasant interaction with the adults in his life, but for now the opinion of his classmates will reign supreme in his decisions.

History of Persona:
Lerwit is the third son to a seacrafter family in a quiet nook of the Southern continent. While his father earned their living on the sea, his mother raised her ever growing family with the help of her mother and sister. Lerwit had a fairly uneventful childhood, only running in to trouble as often as his older brothers. Wherever they went, he followed and no one was truly bothered by this arrangement. Things changed when his brothers left to apprentice to their crafts. One went to be a Smith and the other joined the Miner Hall. Much to his own despair, neither of these crafts were an option to young Lerwit. After many nights spent tossing and turning over this situation, Lerwit finally had to admit maybe it was time for him to go his own way. So, when he turned twelve, he followed his heart to the sea, to the Dolphin Hall.

Approved: March 14th 2012
Last updated: March 2nd 2012

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