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Persona Profile: K'dee

Writer: Emma

Name: K'dee
Age: 23
Birthday: m10 d20
Rank: Wingrider, Slate Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Starsmith
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Astronomy

Physical Description of Persona:
Krizdee has finally reached his full growth and a spit over six foot. Dark hair, with a few sun reddened streaks tops his head. Brown eyes shine from a tanned face. He has a missing tooth, a result of a crafting accident that gives him a gap toothed grin.

Crafting as he does, has given him a fairly well developed set of muscles that many a female weyr resident has admired, and some have seen close up, noting the small scars he earned working at the forge or with tools before deciding on Starsmithing as his permanent craft.

Emotional Description of Persona:
He's got a well developed work ethic that has been driven into him through his time in the smithcraft.

He's also been a little torn over his desire to take to the sands, and has spent many a night talking things through with in turn his parents, his friends and fellow crafters. Still he has a reputation as a model student.

Not that he's all work and no play, he discovered girls around the age of 15, and has tried, quite often successfully to laugh them into bed.

History of Persona:
N'kriz and Saladee were a perfect match, in fact Krizdee and his three siblings are the result of that.

With Saladee being a Senior Journeywoman Smith, and N'kriz a brownrider it was no great suprise that he took up his mother's craft after leaving harper classes and also annouced his intention to take to the sands when there were eggs there.

Despite a few early hiccups - one of those resulting in a missing tooth, he's been told he could go all the way in his craft by various Masters and Senior Journeymen.

There have been a few ladies in his life, but nothing so far that could even half way be described as serious. He prefers casual relationships by far.

Now, with eggs on the sands again he waits to see what will happen.

One of those eggs, a bronze named Vatonth found K'dee, the honourific the pair chose. Weyrlinghood suited them down to groud, until blooding. A sudden gust caught the pair unawares as they flew firestone up to the wings, Vatonth was badly scored, and his rider lostpart of a foot before they could safely get back to the Weyr.

Being maimed in that way has mean that K'dee now lacks the level of balance and physical fitness needed to fly fall witha regular wing, so for the moment at least, he's assigned to the retirees wing, whether that will change, nobody knows.

Family and Friends
N'kriz, 50, Brownrider (Father)
Saladee, 49, Senior Journeywoman smith (Mother)
Deenar, 21, Candidate (Sister)
Lakriz, 18, Candidate (Brother)
Sakri, 14, Weyrbrat (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Vatonth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Vatonth is a tiny, yet delicate hatchling, one that will suddenly have a growth spurt and suprise everyone by retaining a level of agility that may not normaly go with a dragon that will be close to 38 feet at full growth.

His hide is a uniform light bronze, and when he's freshly oiled, he'll be very easy on the eyes, and will in turn have an eye for the greens.

Approved: October 11th 2011
Last updated: October 14th 2017

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