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Persona Profile: Jylanya


Name: Jylanya
Age: 43
Birthday: m4 d18
Rank: Headwoman
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Headwoman

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (August 2012)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (August 2011)

Physical Description of Persona:
Jylanya is a petite redhead with fair skin and dark blue eyes. She is well proportioned but not over blown. She has a light spattering of freckles on her arms and legs. She tries to stay out of the sun without a hat as she'll burn and then freckle.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jylanya is sober and steady or that is what the world sees. She learned at a young age to hide her terrors or they would be used against her by others. The difficulties of her life have given her an appreciation of small pleasures. She treats those around her fairly but does not tolerate foolishness or laziness.

History of Persona:
A minor holding was her birthplace, the youngest child of a large family she was raised from a young age to know she would be her parents caretaker in their elder years. So when she was still only 16 turns her father passed and her brother became the holder, she stayed in the house to care for her elderly mother. Her brother's wife did not like sharing the house with her and so her brother sought a marriage for her. She was not happy with the thought of leaving her mother but her sister-in-law worked on her brother to assure her marriage to an elderly neighbor holder.

Her life didn't change much when at the age of 20 turns she married the neighbor for she was still a caretaker. This time though not long after their marriage he became bedridden. Even so, Jylanya did her duty and cared for him diligently. Not only did she keep his care she also kept his hold and it prospered under her management. It wasn't until her husbands health began to fail that his son finally showed up to take hold from her. She vowed to herself she wasn't going to be packed off again without a say in what happened to her. Jylanya packed a few meager belongings in a small bag that she kept hidden and when her husband passed away she waited for her chance. When a dragonrider came to the hold she asked to be taken to the Weyr.

There she met a tall Wingleader by the name of K'hetah who awoke in her the knowledge of passion but he quickly lost interest and she realized she wasn't really cut out for the Weyr. So when the Dolphin Hall required a new Headwoman, she met with Master Famell and was accepted for the position. Her friendship with the Master grew and he became a close friend. But it was with Naton that she finally found love. Now with her little daughter Tonja she is happy and fulfilled at the Hall.

Family and Friends
Naton, 43, Master Crafter, Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Husband)
Jyltor, 61, Holder (Brother)
Kantorik, 94, Holder (Husband (deceased))
Toryl, 54, Journeyman Tanner (Brother)
Lianyla, 48, Hold Resident (Sister)
Tonja, 3, Hall Brat (Daughter)


Flint, Feline: aged 10, born m10 d11
A long haired black feline with orange eyes, Flint is a lazy and loving pet. He likes to hunt and sleep and sit on his person as much as possible.

Approved: May 25th 2011
Last updated: September 30th 2019

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