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Persona Profile: Rignaer


Name: Rignaer
Age: 29
Birthday: m6 d17
Rank: Junior Journeyman Farmer
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Farmer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Nursery

Physical Description of Persona:
Rignaer stands some 6'2'' tall and weights about 210 lbs. He's neither thin or particularly muscular, most would call him normal or average. He has dusky skin, very dark brown, almost black, curly hair and brown eyes. He has small nose, full lips and friendly smile. He's pleasant to look at but not handsome, again, the word normal or average describes him best.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Rignaer is friendly, but bit reserved. He's steady, reliable and responsible. Some might consider him boring. He loves plants and best way to make him to open up is ask questions about his craft or the many uses of plants and herbs. Hanging around his father as a lad, Rignaer is gather a quite impressive knowledge of medical herbs. Rignaer is also very patient and forbearing (useful qualities in a farmer) and so far no-one has managed to make him lose temper.

Rignaer is bit confused when it comes to women's position on Pern: on the other side there's his father, disapproving the female craft ban, on other side the public opinion about women should stay home and have babies; and poor Rignaer really doesn't know on which side to stand. His stay in the weyr didn't help to resolve matter but only added a new confusion. He really don't know if he likes women or men or both. He haven't yet fallen in love with anyone and until he does, he uncertain of his sexual preferences. For some reason, he can't talk about these matters with his father.

History of Persona:
Rignaer was born in Opal Cove Hold where his father was assigned that time. Three turns later when Rignaer's little sister Rigella was born, the family moved to Onyx Hills hold and Rignaer grew up there, in the traditional, female oppressive atmosphere.

Rignaer's childhood was pretty ordinary one. He got two more siblings, another sister and a brother.

He liked to accompany his father with his herb gathering trips, making questions about the plants and they uses. They both enjoyed these outings enormously. Rigmor misunderstood Rignaer's interest and presumed the boy wanted to be healer too, but in truth, Rignaer was fascinated by the plants themselves.

So, when Rignaer turned twelve, the Masterhealer got disappointed when Rignaer told him he wanted to become farmer instead of healer. But Rigmor got soon over his disappointment, and Rignaer became apprentice farmcrafter.

The beginning of the Pass and Rignaer's promotion to journeyman happened almost at the same time. The Falls made farmcrafter's life more difficult. You couldn't plant or harvest during a Fall and Thread burrows could destroy a crop. Rignaer learned to respect and appreciate dragonriders, unlike some other Onyx Hill's residents.

Then his father was called to Dragonsfall Weyr to help with a epidemic there. After the epidemic was over, he asked if his family was willing to move into the weyr. He had been offered a weyrhealer's position. Rignaer had his reservations about the move but he kept silent and followed his parents to the weyr. After all, what a farmer could do in a Weyr? Nothing, he soon discovered. Even if he liked the weyrlife, he felt confused with the strangeness of it. The weyrfolk were so different to what he was used to. So, he made up his mind and applied for a job at the Amethyst Cliff Hold. After the Turnover he received a letter, he had been approved. He told his parents about his decision, packed his things and moved in to new hold.

Approved: August 14th 2005
Last updated: June 30th 2014

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