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Persona Profile: Roldar


Name: Roldar
Age: 42
Birthday: m7 d3
Rank: Senior Journeyman Healer
Location: NPC Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: General Healer

Physical Description of Persona:
Roldar stands about 5'10" in height with jet black hair and a rather tanned look to his skin.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Roldar is a driven, passionate, hard-working man.

Roldar can be stern and quick to the point, but he also has a sense of fun and enjoyment in life. He enjoys a good game of cards or dice and a nice drink to end the day. When he makes friends he makes them for life.

History of Persona:
Having grown up in the smithhall along side his brothers and sisters, Roldar has never shirked away from hard work.

When he was young, he always expected to follow his father and become a beastcrafter. However, at a young age he was fostered out like many of his siblings. Roldar landed in a medium sized hold north of the smithcraft.

Roldar began fascinated with the art of healing and pushed himself hard to learn more about this craft. Turns of hard work and diligence paid off as he advanced in rank to journeyman.

While pursuing his craft further, Roldar met young Malina. She was eager and pretty and he found himself attracted to her. The pair were soon married.Shortly thereafter they had two young children of their own.

Roldar loved both Malina and his two beautiful children, doting on them whenever he could. The turns passed and he continued his life at the hold with his wife, children and craft taking up the majority of this time.

During a rather difficult time of their marriage, Roldar found himself enchanted by a much younger woman. The affair was nearly the undoing of his marriage, but at that time, Malina took him back. Trying to salvage what she could of their life together, Malina thought having another child would hold them together.

During a strange turn of events, Roldar was accused of liking other men. The people of the Hold became angry and wouldn't listen to reason. Knowing that he couldn't fight this battle and the only way to protect his family, Roldar and his wife divorced and he packed up and headed off to the safety of the Weyr. He still regrets to this day having to leave his children behind. He hasn't seen them in nearly 3 turns and he misses them greatly.

Life in the Weyr has been different than he imagined, but he has adjusted. His deepest regret is not being with his children and hardly having known his youngest child at all.

Family and Friends
P'nal, 43, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Brother)
Malina, 40, Hold Resident (ex-Wife)
Selinal, 20, Hold Resident (Son)
Bearian, 17, Hold Resident (Son)
Biwenna, 9, Hold Resident (Daughter)


Nibon, Bronze Firelizard: aged 9, hatched m1 d4
Nibon was a gift from one of the patients that Roldar treated. At first, he intended to pass the egg on, but his fascination with it grew and so he kept it until the egg hatched.

He never expected to fall in love with the little firelizard, but from the moment it hatched, Roldar could not imagine his life without Nibon.

Nibon is a coppery bronze in color and has proven himself to be very reliable and cooperative in assisting Roldar. He also has a very playful side.

Approved: March 2nd 2011
Last updated: July 6th 2017

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