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Persona Profile: Taraglan


Name: Taraglan
Age: 59
Birthday: m6 d10
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: History of Dolphin-Human Relations

Physical Description of Persona:
Taraglan is of average height and thin, with developed, but not prominent, muscles from decades of swimming. His brown hair is peppered with gray and kept short, while his eyes are light brown. His skin is very tan from candlemarks spent outdoors and wrinkles are beginning to form at the sides of his eyes and mouth.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Taraglan enjoys listening to people and is happy to sit back and observe others rather than call attention to himself. He humor tends towards being dry and sarcastic, although when he remembers, he will attempt to hold back around young apprentices and people who do not know him. He can come across as arrogant at times because his parents always told him to carry himself with pride and speak his mind. He loves telling riddles, and his children grew up hearing them whenever he learned a new one. He also loves logic games, especially chess.

History of Persona:
He is a younger son of a wealthy minor seaholder in the North and grew up in luxury. He was not expected to inherit the hold and so was allowed to apprentice at the Dolphin Hall when he was old enough. He rose quickly through the ranks, spending most of his free time in the water or studying. As a Journeyman he developed a close relationship with Ani, a middle-aged dolphin who then became his partner. She passed several turns after he was promoted to Master and since then he has worked with a number of unpartnered dolphins. While still a Journeyman, Taraglan met Leiana, a newly promoted Journeyman Harper who came on assignment to the Dolphin Hall. They quickly became friends, which then turned into something more. When it was discovered that she was pregnant, their marriage plans were moved up and, seven months later, their first son was born. At the age of 34, Taraglan attained his Mastery and received two firelizard eggs as gifts from his parents. One, he gave to his wife while the other hatched a bronze, who Ani named Peti. During that same Turn, his daughter Sakari was born, followed soon after by two more sons. Then, after Leiana had two miscarriages, they decided not to have any more children. However, when he was 43, Leiana became pregnant again and their daughter Kaimi was born. She is fondly referred to as a surprise.

Taraglan was happy to take on the role of Master of Apprentices when it became vacant, and enjoyed getting to know all of the apprentices. When word came from the Southern Continent that there was an opening for a Hallsecond, he began seriously considering the position. After sevendays of conversations with his wife and a visit to the Hall, they decided the move would be good for the entire family. Taraglan looks forward to working more closely with Journeymen, while his wife will be able to work in the archives as well as be near the Harper Hall in the South. Their two eldest children are remaining in the North, at their respective Crafthalls, while the younger three are making the move with them. Taraglan is wary of moving to the Southern Continent, but his visit to the Hall made him confident that, at least there and in the nearby Weyr, his wife and daughters will be treated well and have the same opportunities as men.

Family and Friends
Torradan, 30, Jr. Journeyman Seacrafter (Son)
Sakari, 24, Jr. Journeyman Harper (Daughter)
Rodachan, 23, Sr. Apprentice Dolphineer (Son)
Selet, 21, Jr. Apprentice Dolphineer (Son)
Kaimi, 16, Hall Resident (Daughter)


Peti, Bronze Firelizard: aged 25, hatched m11 d15
Peti is an average-sized bronze with a very brassy coloring. When Ani first saw him, she called him "Pretty" and wanted that to be his name. In a compromise, Taraglan calls him Peti. He has been very well trained to deliver messages and help out in other ways, and can often be found near Taraglan. He loves playing in the water with dolphins.

Approved: April 28th 2009
Last updated: August 15th 2011

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