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Persona Profile: Kosten


Name: Kosten
Age: 49
Birthday: m7 d12
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Kosten isn't the prettiest face to look at. He's rather bland, with sun bleached brown hair and nondescript brown eyes. His body is hard from all the work in the fields with his holders. He's average height and weight, in fact everything about him is average, Except for his mind.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kosten has a very sharp mind for all things political. His hold has prospered under his management and he's proud of his little corner of the world. He has no further ambitions, content to hold over his small lands. He has a sharp tongue that he's not afraid to let fly on erring men. He is devoted to his wife, Anzha.

History of Persona:
Kosten always new he would be the holder over Hidden Meadows Hold, his father had been, and his father before him. But Kosten had plans to make the hold better using his fostered Turns at Amber Hills.

Kosten moved to Amber Hills at 25, as a foster agreement with his father and the Lord for two turns. There he learned all there was as too the managing of a major hold, though Kosten only saw it as fodder for the ambitions he had for his home. There he was introduced to the daughters of the Hold in the hopes that one day he would choose one to be his wife and help him lead his formerly prosperous family hold. Kosten fell in love with Anzha at first sight. Before he could announce his ambitions he received word that his mother had died of a burst appendix and his father was stepping down. He rushed back to Hidden Meadows for the funeral and to receive his rights to the hold.

Once Kosten took control of the Hold he began to change it, putting his highly intelligent mind to good use, working with his cousin Kortol, who was the acting Steward. The hold had fallen into disarray in the years he had left, due to his parents decline. Once the hold was settled he began the difficult task of courting Anzha properly, both to win her affections and the approval of her father. His mother had always taught him that a marriage worked better if both were willing. They finally wed and Anzha moved into his hold; which she continually referred to as back of beyond, even though the main Hold was but a two candlemark ride to the east on major roads. Their first son was born a year later. Kosten was a happy and prosperous man with a woman he loved; little did Kosten know what being wed to Anzha entailed.

Family and Friends
Anzha, 40, Hold Resident (Wife)
Ansten, 20, Hold Resident (son)
Ahna, 17, Hold Resident (daughter)
Kozhal, 13, Hold Resident (son)
Kortol, 43, Hold Resident (cousin)

Approved: May 15th 2007
Last updated: November 26th 2008

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