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Persona Profile: Telemon


Name: Telemon
Age: 50
Birthday: m10 d24
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master

Physical Description of Persona:
Telemon is six feet and two inches tall and weights too little (he forgets to eat). There is something very avian-like in him, maybe it's his round face with large, round eyes or beak-like nose or the way he looks at you without blinking.

His hair is mousy brown and cut short. His eyes are amber coloured with some brown flecks.

His bearing is bit hunched so he looks shorter than he is. He has long, bony limbs and very long and nimble fingers. He has gentle smile and surprisingly deep laughter.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Telemon is very passionate about his craft. He's hardworking and studious person, who is more home at the infirmary than anywhere else. When working, he is efficient, competent and self-confident. He has soothing effect on patients and makes them feel safe. When healing, he doesn't hesitate to give orders. In crisis situations his very cold-headed and calm, able to do what is needed without being disturbed by his surroungings.

Outside his craft Telemon is shy (especially around women), clumsy and quiet. He tends to blend into the background and he's not very good at socializing with people.

He has special knack of founding and restoring old medical records or collecting folk-cures from old aunties. His office is always well organized and neat, and nothing irritates him more than someone disturbing his papers and hides.

Telemon cares deeply about people, and people who deliberately hurt others make him angry and draw out a rare burst of furious anger from him.

History of Persona:
Telemon was born and raised in the North. His parents were cotholders and he had several siblings. He became apprentice healer at the age of twelve. He had always been interested in healing.

Telemon became journeyman at the age of nineteen. On his first assignment as journey-man healer, he met and fell in love with woman named Doariel. He asked her to handfast him and she accepted. On the eve of the wedding Doariel told that she didn't want to marry him after all, and that she was in love with someone else. The wedding was cancelled and Telemon was badly heartbroken. This made him shy and wary of women. Telemon asked for a transferr to the South continent, to be as far as possible from _her_.

His request was granted and Telemon moved South at the age of twenty-one. He buried himself to his work and studies but also learned to like the South and stayed. During the last fifteen turns, he has been touring different minor holds with occasional stops in healer hall or in major holds. He got his master's knots and assignment to Dragonsfall Weyr. He was Weyrhealer for few Turns, but he was never really happy there. He just didn't feel comfortable around dragonriders. So he resigned and stayed only until he follower had been chosen. Telemon's next assignment was to became the master healer in Sunstone Seahold.


Taiga, Feline: aged 14, born m8 d7
Taiga is black-and-white, small sized and lean feline. Telemon found Taiga after somebody had tried to drown the kitten. He saved the little feline and they became friends. Taiga's favourite place is Telemon's lap. She tends to wander around lot and gets pregnant too often. She births her litters always in Telemon's bed.

Ena, Green Firelizard: aged 9, hatched m12 d26
Ena is shortening from Enchantress. She is deep forest green, dainty and affectionate. She is easy to approach, she loves attention and flirting.

Approved: December 4th 2006
Last updated: March 2nd 2017

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