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Persona Profile: Zebrekhan


Name: Zebrekhan
Age: 75
Birthday: m12 d27
Rank: Master Miner
Location: NPC Weyr
Craft: Miner
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Geologist

Physical Description of Persona:
Even at his age, Zeb's looks could be considered boyishly charming. His dark grey eyes always sparkle with some hidden mischief and the corner of his lip seems permanently curled into a saucy smile under his brilliantly white mustache. His short chopped hair, too, is now the color of snow, making his permanent tan all the more noticeable.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Most would guess without looking at Zeb's knots that he were a bronzerider. His walk has a certain swagger, his body a certain graceful strength, his smile a certain charm, and his eyes the hint of rascal that as often been associated with metallic riders. However, Zeb is all crafter. He has never once regretting his chosen profession, and wouldn't have changed his rock hammer for a dragon if the offer had been given. He approaches is craft with the same devotion and determination as a rider their lifemate, and approaches life with the same passion and energy.

History of Persona:
Zebrekhan was born at the Smithcraft Hall to two crafters. His father was known for his design skills, while his mother taught Chemistry in the Hall. Both indulged the curious young boy, their only child, and answered any questions he wanted to ask of them. As a result, some of his favorite toys was a basic chemistry set and his father's models. Though both his parents appreciated his apparent aptitude for Smithing, they both encouraged him to follow his own path.

Young Zeb loved the outdoors. He spent every sunny day out among the hills and mountains of Garnet Valley, traipsing along and bringing back pretty stones to show his parents. The young boy would often regale them with questions - What was it made out of? How did it get there? What made this stone soft and easy to break, and this one harder? It was apparent that his parents knowledge had its limits, so with their enthusiastic blessing, he chose to apply to the Miner Hall after graduating his harper classes.

Though all the areas of "earth studies" - volcanology, seismology, even masonry were appealing to him, he decided it was geology, the specialty that seemed to encompass them all, that he wanted to pursue. Finally after spending his restday wandering the hills, he brought back pretty stones to his parents and started answering _their_ questions.

After earning his senior journeyman knots, after the danger of plague had passed, he decided he wanted to look beyond the hills of Garnet Valley, and began his travels throughout the Southern Continent. He studied rock in all its forms, from great boulders on tall mountains all the way down to little pebbles washed up on the beach. Zeb seemed to stay in one place only long enough to write down his findings before wanderlust would catch him again and he was off to somewhere new.

Though he never settled down to marry, he did end up fathering a few children along the way. He keeps in touch with his children and their mothers, though he shamefully admits, two of them he has never even seen. Having travel across the Southern Continent, and has even ventured into the North during his more than forty turns of travel, he has developed a unique outlook on people and their varying ways of life. In the end he has decided that people live the best they can, and it doesn't much matter - man or woman, Hold, Hall or Weyr bred - people have the same basic needs and desires, and they all are living life the best way they know how. Therefore, he has developed a very open minded view of morals and social rules.

After so many turns on the move, Zeb has decided its time to try to settle down. His knees can't take the long hikes through the mountains, and his back is starting to grow tired of carrying all his possessions. He had thought of settling back down in the Miner Hall to teach, but despite his extensive knowledge and volumes of published works, his unconventional lifesyle and views made many in the Hall wary of having him as a permanent fixture. Instead, he has decided to settle into the Weyr, where he can live life how he chooses, and teach whomever he wants. He doesn't know yet if this will be a permanent arrangement, but he's willing to give it a try. At least until the travel bug bites him again.

Family and Friends
Mesada, 83, Cothold Resident (Former Lover)
Mesana, 45, Cothold Resident (Daughter)
Yongti, 47, Weyr Resident - crafter (Former Lover)
Yonukha, 29, Weyr Resident - crafter (Daughter)
Tajhili, 43, Greenrider (Former Lover)
Zebretajh, 19, Weyrbrat (Son)


Slate, Blue Firelizard: aged 43, hatched m11 d4
Slate is as curious as his lifemate. When traveling, Zeb's little travel companion often proved his worth by alerting his human to danger and helped him find water and food. Whether out of devotion, or just habit, the blue often accompanies his lifemate almost everywhere he goes and likes to watch over him from the rafters of a room, though he often goes unnoticed.

Approved: July 17th 2006
Last updated: July 6th 2017

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