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Persona Profile: Daishii


Name: Daishii
Age: 25
Birthday: m5 d28
Rank: Wingrider, Skybroom Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Printer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Daishii is a medium sized girl, only 5 feet tall and weighing 120 pounds. She has blonde hair that she keeps cut mid-length and dark blue eyes. She is what most people would call good looking, and sometimes uses that to her advantage. But she also has one flaw, she has very fair skin, so was kept indoors much of her life.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Daishii loves controversy and gossip and is often found around the kitchens catching the latest bit of news. She is sometimes flirtatious, but usually it is only to get information out of someone, only to leave them feeling a little "drained" after she has finished with them. Daishii is very manipulative and oftentimes gets her way when she puts any effort towards it.

History of Persona:
Daishii was the youngest of seven children living at Emerald Falls Hold, all born to a Harper and a kitchen worker, who were fully in love with each other. Being the youngest she was always spoiled, and learned at an early age how to manipulate her parents into giving her anything she wanted.

Writing was very important to her father and he taught all of his children, two of which went to the HarperHall to become Apprentices. Daishii took a liking to writing and kept a personal journal in which she wrote down many of the various snippets of gossip that she collected during the day. Soon she decided that she wanted to write a history of the Hold, but not from actual historical events. She wanted to write it based on all of the gossip that she heard as she worked in the kitchens with her mother; that would be more fun she thought.

When Daishii was 12 her father discovered the journal and was amazed at her writing ability, he wanted to immediately send her to the HarperHall for training, but they did not allow girls. Soon, though, he heard of the Printer Hall at Topaz Sea Hold from a few Journeymen who had traveled there, they were complainging that the Hall was open to women. Excited with this news Daishii's father took her to the Hall and showed the MasterPrinter the journal, Daishii was immediately accepted into the Hall.

Daishii did well in her classes, though she had problems completely understanding all of the machinery that was involved with the presses. But she excelled at writing, and made many friends in the Hall, obtaining many good stories for her journal.

When Daishii was 14 she decided to print out some of the stories that she had heard in a pamphlet to pass around the Hall, hoping to gain some attention, but she make one mistake. Daishii sneaked into the pressroom, she had been stealing letters from the typesetters for a few sevendays and had finally had enough to print out the pamphlet. She attached the outline to the press and made sure everything was fine. But she had forgotten to make sure that the form was completely secured, and as the first couple of pages were printed the form flew off of the press and clattered against the wall, waking half the Hall.

The Printer Hallmaster was quite upset with her and assigned her to many chores, tasks that actually helped her to improve her skills as a Printer. But this also allowed Daishii to get to know the Hallmaster and so the he took her on as a personal assistant.

When the new Hallmaster arrived at the Hall the old Master introduced Daishii to her, and told her of how he had been using her as a personal assistant. The old Master advised the new to at least consider taking on Daishii as an assistant, at least temporarily until the new Master got more used to the Hall. The new Master agreed and began her time of leadership in the Hall.

Dragon's Name: Kisiloth
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Kisiloth is a shy, quiet green, who doesn't quite understand her lifemate's fascination with gossip and eavesdropping. She is a relatively average size, buy her darker green hue seems to make her look smaller than she really is.

Approved: December 3rd 2005
Last updated: February 23rd 2020

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