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Persona Profile: Brender


Name: Brender
Age: 50
Birthday: m9 d8
Rank: Master Harper
Location: NPC Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Composer

Physical Description of Persona:
Brender is fairly tall for a man and of medium build. He's fairly muscular in the upper body. His hair is a wavy black that falls to his shoulders that he normally wears free. His face has a rugged handsomeness while his eyes carry a hint of arrogance.

Normally, Brender is seen in immaculately kept clothes of the highest quality. He has an image to uphold and manages to do that with seemingly little effort.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Quite charming when he wants to be, Brender's charm hides a very calculating and arrogant individual. He's very particular about everything he does and has exacting standards for himself that he also expects from all those around him and tends to get angry when others can't live up to those standards. Despite that, he is also a man of deep emotions though he is quite good at putting on a 'public face' and hiding it.

History of Persona:
Brender was born the second son of a southern Lord Holder far in the western part of the continent. He grew up at the knee of his father, learning all it took to run a Hold properly. However, he also excelled in his harper classes and showed an aptitude for composing and singing. The harper spoke to Brender's father, who in turn, felt it was an excellent idea and would give Brender something else to focus on instead of always playing second fiddle to his brother.

So, shortly after his twelfth birthingday, Brender found himself packed up and sent to the Harperhall where he excelled in all his classes. Outside of his classes, he managed to get into a myriad of troubles, but always seemed able to charm his way out of any punishment. It took him until he was seventeen to make journeyman and he was a senior journeyman by the time he was twenty-two. It was his goal to make Master by the time he was thirty-five. He managed to do that just shy of his thirty-fifth birthingday.

Since attaining his Masters knots, he's been working his way up and hopes to one day become the Harper Craftmaster. For now, he's focusing on gaining as much experience as possible. Because of this, when the opening for Weyrharper came open at River Bluff Weyr, he requested a transfer from the Hall and the Craftmaster granted it, quite aware of what Brender was doing and approving of it completely.

Approved: December 2nd 2005
Last updated: July 6th 2017

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