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Persona Profile: Kwiksol


Name: Kwiksol
Age: 29
Birthday: m3 d4
Rank: Senior Journeyman
Location: Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Instrument Maker

Physical Description of Persona:
Physically, there is nothing that makes Kwiksol stand out. His eyes are an unremarkable blue and his shoulder length hair is a nondescript brown. He is of average height, neither short nor tall. Though his body is not chiseled, nor is it soft. The thing that makes him memorable is that he exudes confidence in his smile, in his stance and in the way he will look anyone in the eye.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kwiksol treats everyone with the same respect and honesty whether they are a master or a drudge. Like many his age he can be considered cocky,but few would mistake him as arrogant. Rather, he has experienced too little of life to have found something he could not do if he put his
mind to it.

History of Persona:
His father was born at Thayan Peak and stood at Hatchings as long as he was allowed. He never Impressed though, and threw himself instead into his craft and starting a family. It was there that his oldest child, Kwiksol, was born.

When the boy was three turn old, his father decided to pursue another dream - to study at the Harper Hall. Though Kwiksol has no more memories of the Weyr, his father always told him stories of the riders and their dragons. The young man was happy to follow his father's footsteps into the craft, but part him always wished that the Search dragons would chose him and take him back to that life he was born into.

He slowly gave up that dream as other boys and girls were chosen, but never him. However, when the Harper Hall was destroyed by fire, Kwiksol was excited to learn that they would relocate to Dolphin Cove Weyr, the resurrected Thayan Peak. There he can finally experience the Weyrlife that captured his imagination as a child, while still pursuing his craft in the Hall he loves.

Family and Friends
Talkwis, 55, Harper (Father)
Kasolia, 55, Hall Resident (Mother)
Wisolia, 26, Hall Resident (Sister)
Talolia, 24, Hall Resident (Sister)


Bridge, Brown Firelizard: aged 11, hatched m3 d8
Kwiksol had never spent much time training Bridge.
He felt it was better to leave the little brown's spirit unbroken. As a result, Bridge spends much of his time elsewhere, coming back every few
days to check in and be loved and cared and bringing him pictures of his adventures for a while before disappearing again. The young man likes it that way because he knows Bridge comes to him because he wants to and not because he was called.

Approved: September 9th 2006
Last updated: August 13th 2014

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