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Persona Profile: D'nev

Writer: Emma

Name: D'nev
Age: 47
Birthday: m9 d26
Rank: Wingrider, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Electrician

Physical Description of Persona:
Not overly tall, D'nev has close cropped dark hair. Before the pass, he usually had a beard and moustache, now trimmed down to a small (but noticable with his colouring) goatee.

His left arm bears the scars of thread, being scored in one of the first few falls of this pass.

Emotional Description of Persona:
D'nev is a dedicated rider. Before Impression, he was dedicated to his craft, and his then wife Tesia.

The main focus of his life, the thing that drives him now is his love of his daughter, and his determination to see out the pass. His theory being that there are old dragonriders, and bold dragonriders, but none that are both old and bold. He's not lazy by any means, just prefers to do his bit, and avoid unneccessary danger.

History of Persona:
Darnev and his wife Tesia were posted to Dragonsfall Weyr almost twenty turns ago. It was the first posting for the young Journeyman and he was determined to make the best of it.

The pair were a happy couple, settling into the new place and starting a family, when a clutch was laid. Even though he had a young daughter, Darnev was asked to stand, and had the surprise of his life when blue Shoglenth chose him.

Now known as D'nev, his marriage was dissolved on impression. Tesia chose to remain at the weyr, the pair remained loving friends, and were both determined that their young daughter Teseada should know both her parents.

As Teseada has grown up, D'nev has watched her take up in his footsteps as a technician, and seen her bitter disappointment as she stood on the sands from the day she was old enough to be a candidate.

Now he finds that he is the proud father of Dragonsfall's newest goldrider.

Family and Friends
Teseada, 24, Weyrwoman's Second, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Daughter)
Tesia, 7, Cook (Ex wife)

Dragon's Name: Shoglenth
Dragon's Age: 26
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Blue, with a hide like the sky just before the sunset. Shoglenth is mid-sized for his colour, and possibly slightly more intelligent than most. Where his rider is dedicated, he is too, bearing scars on his left like his rider.


Spanner, Feline: aged 9, born m2 d4
A small tabby kitten wandered into D'nev's weyr one day. Shoglenth called his rider over, and he was amused as D'nev picked the little one up and fussed over it. All the kitten really wanted was a warm place to sleep, which D'nev could provide.

Approved: September 18th 2005
Last updated: September 16th 2005

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