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Persona Profile: Abrigan

Writer: Erin Y.

Name: Abrigan
Age: 19
Birthday: m6 d18
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: General lackey/muscle/candidate

Physical Description of Persona:
Abrigan is a big lad. Tall and solidly built with wide shoulders. He easily hauls large sacks of flour and Firestone about and is often the person one calls when they need something lifted and moved. Abrigan has dark brown hair and brown eyes, that tend to squint when he's not paying attention. It makes him look mean and tough.

Emotional Description of Persona:
He's not tough. Abrigan is a timid fellow who doesn't do well with confrontation. He's not a dummy, but is more apt to agree with someone just to keep peace. He keeps his thoughts to himself most of the time and hesitates to speak his mind. That being said, he's a good listener and appreciates the company it affords him.

History of Persona:
Some boys are tough and have to be taught there's more to life than being a big man with muscles. Abrigan was born with big muscles but the temperament of a kitten. He was raised solely by his mother and grand mother, and spent more time playing with girls than boys his own age. After all, when one has four older sisters, one would rather attempt to fit in instead of be alone. So Abrigan learned to play girls' games like dolls and dress-up, and didn't realize how difficult life would be once he was outside the circle of women and thrust into Man's domain.

The first few turns were a major transition for the boy. He was prodded and teased until he learned how to play boys' games like ball and chase. But it never felt natural to Abrigan, who still went home and spent his nights with a room full of women. The other boys never really let up with the teasing. They kept at it until, in a fit of frustration, Abrigan lashed out with a hearty thump across his attacker's face that knocked out a couple baby teeth.

No one bothered him after that. Not to his face, at least.

But his mother rounded on him. She told him that strength was a tool to be wielded carefully, and was never to be used in anger or spite. Weak men struck with their fists, while strong men had gentle hands.

Abrigan wanted to be gentle and kind.

He never showed any particular aptitude in a craft. Mostly, he's good at lifting heavy things. But Abrigan was tapped early as a candidate and will continue to stand as long as they Weyrleaders will allow or a hatchling comes for him. Whichever comes first.

Family and Friends
Briga, 46, Resident/kitchen worker (mother)

Last updated: August 18th 2015

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