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River Bluff Weyr

Cascade Wing (Queens)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Weyrwoman     Create
OPEN   Weyrwoman's Second     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
Genna 18 Wingrider Lissath Gold Jelena
N'tur 17 Wingrider Graileth Brown Jenah
Ciara 42 Wingrider Ellianith Green Suzee
Riveenata 23 Wingrider Savith Green Avery
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Rapids Wing (Weyrleader's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'ran 36 Weyrleader Rogueth Bronze Avery
F'lin 24 Wingsecond Seneth Bronze Yvonne
Jaylene 32 Wingthird Reanth Green Len
Y'gel 51 Weyrdragonhealer Aughashyth Bronze Suzee
D'ren 21 Wingrider Menanth Bronze Devin
C'rin 19 Wingrider Dasveth Brown Heather
L'ris 19 Wingrider Tyerth Brown Adopt
C'dinin 48 Wingrider Terebinth Blue Adopt
B'rail 44 Wingrider Kazuth Blue Adopt
T'kala 21 Wingrider Dagreth Blue Adopt
Ameala 22 Wingrider Ingoth Green Adopt
A'dryn 18 Wingrider Nalarith Green Devin
B'jon 19 Wingrider Denenth Green Paula
Oniya 18 Wingrider Sarlenth Green Adopt
So'nji 21 Wingrider Nikith Green Adopt
Uetia 23 Wingrider Sirjath Green Paula
U'fouinn 26 Wingrider Amizth Green Adopt
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Torrent Wing

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'lvin 47 Wingleader Xmrenth Bronze Heather
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
J'lai 42 Wingrider Wasvisath Bronze Adopt
R'kehr 19 Wingrider Thadath Bronze Avery
K'tu 22 Wingrider Kadidyith Brown Adopt
R'masu 46 Wingrider Kannoth Brown Adopt
An'dr 21 Wingrider Pluserth Blue Emma
A'shel 18 Wingrider Himarth Blue Len
D'arvn 28 Wingrider Falzeth Blue Suzee
D'jul 17 Wingrider Kongth Blue Rebecca Graham
K'mai 30 Wingrider Sebeth Blue Devin
M'van 35 Wingrider Kiloth Blue Emma
S'jen 25 Wingrider Harloth Blue Cymiri
R'sedel 44 Wingrider Eniidith Green Adopt
Nytha 25 Wingrider Tagerth Green Emma
P'veas 31 Wingrider Mavikath Green Emma
Sh'larn 24 Wingrider Tiamyth Green Adopt
Y'kas 40 Wingrider Sabiruth Green Adopt
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Shoals Wing (retirees)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'dee 21 Wingrider Vatonth Bronze Emma
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'sedel 66 Weyrlingmaster Nikornath Bronze Emma
A'kades 46 Weyrlingmaster Second Volaith Bronze Avery
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Third     Create
V'kellyn 43 Weyrlingstaff Assistant Xenderayth Bronze Adopt
F'veas 15 Weyrlingstaff Assistant Wenarth Brown Len
Aynho 37 Weyrlingstaff Assistant Balinth Green Adopt
OPEN   Weyrlingstaff Assistant     Create
OPEN   Senior Weyrling     Create
F'dal 18 Junior Weyrling Velaith Bronze Paula
OPEN   Junior Weyrling     Create

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