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River Bluff Weyr

Cascade Wing (Queens)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Weyrwoman     Create
OPEN   Weyrwoman's Second     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Shoals Wing (retirees)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'dee 21 Wingrider Vatonth Bronze Emma
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Lagoon Wing (Weyrlings)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster     Create
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Second     Create
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Third     Create
OPEN   Weyrlingstaff Assistant     Create
OPEN   Senior Weyrling     Create
OPEN   Junior Weyrling     Create

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