Bonus Posting Location: Dolphin Hall!
Post at Dolphin Hall during November and December and get bonus marks!


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Harper Hall

Harper Hall Crafters

Name Age Rank Craft Writer
Vestian 46 Hallmaster Harper Eimi
OPEN   Hallsecond   Create
Talmune 72 Master of Apprentices Harper Adopt
Jayala 54 Master Harper Estelle
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
Eilomar 71 Master Harper Paula
Demel 52 Senior Journeyman Harper Adopt
Niils 34 Senior Journeyman Technician Adopt
Ueltin 28 Senior Journeyman Harper Paula
Warran 61 Senior Journeyman Harper Adopt
Gromis 27 Junior Journeyman Harper Adopt
Iera 21 Junior Journeyman Harper Heather
Tasni 26 Junior Journeyman Harper Estelle
Elmaldi 20 Senior Apprentice Harper Eren
Fauland 21 Junior Apprentice Harper Adopt
OPEN   Crafter   Create

Harper Hall Staff

Name Age Rank Writer
OPEN   Headwoman Create
Merlish 25 Hall Resident Eimi
Porenne 32 Hall Resident Suzee
OPEN   Hall Resident Create

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