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Sunstone Seahold


Name Age Rank Writer
Bryvin 47 Lord Holder Suzee
Xeladrie 20 Lady Holder Avery
OPEN   Steward Create
Yriadha 48 Headwoman Miriah
OPEN   Dock Master Create
Lafael 19 Drudge Len
OPEN   Guard Captain Create
Tovessah 26 Seamstress/Lacemaker Sarah Lynn
Sophque 29 Seamstress Suzee
Kiomo 31 Personal Assistant to the Lord Holder Eimi
Taril 33 Merchant Yvonne
Vreena 18 Lady in Waiting Miriah
Ranni 19 Drudge- Lady's Maid Heather
Devren 35 Cloth Merchant Eimi
Aille 26 Assistant Cook Adopt
Arnolt 14 Hold Resident Miriah
Danrina 23 Hold Resident Ames
Humari 19 Hold Resident Miriah
Nerylyn 32 Hold Resident Paula
Olov 54 Hold Resident Yvonne
OPEN   Hold Resident Create

Hold Crafters

Name Age Rank Craft Writer
Telemon 47 Master Healer Adopt
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
Fymer 38 Senior Journeyman Harper Paula
Ioven 44 Senior Journeyman Smith Adopt
Sojak 29 Senior Journeyman Harper Adopt
Uegot 35 Senior Journeyman Seacrafter Paula
Bortem 24 Junior Journeyman Tanner Miriah
OPEN   Crafter   Create


Name Age Rank Writer
OPEN   Holdless Create

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