Bonus Posting Location: Amber Hills Hold
Post at Amber Hills Hold in June and July for Bonus Marks!


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Adoptable Personas

Sometimes it's easier to take a ready-made persona when you're getting started, or maybe one of the ownerless personas here just calls out that he/she belongs in your persona list! All of the personas listed below are available for adoption (although the higher-ranking personas may require Council permission).

Ailda23Hold ResidentEmerald Falls Hold
Aille25Hold ResidentSunstone Seahold
Aldoru25Senior Journeyman DolphineerDolphin Hall
Ameala22Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Anndil19Weyr ResidentDragonsfall Weyr
Araster73Master CrafterVintner Hall
Asley22Junior Journeyman PrinterDolphin Cove Weyr
Aynho37Weyrlingstaff AssistantRiver Bluff Weyr
A'rie45Wingrider, Cyclone WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Barr76Riverboat EngineerElsewhere on Pern
Blayre32Junior Journeyman VintnerRiver Bluff Weyr
Brender47WeyrharperRiver Bluff Weyr
B'rail44Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Caenir32Senior Journeyman BeastcrafterGreen Valley Hold
Cherlyn22Wingrider, Volcano WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Chupsin31Senior Journeyman HealerAmber Hills Hold
Cohlman63Master of ApprenticesElsewhere on Pern
C'dinin48Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Daishii22Wingrider, Cyclone WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Dawyn25Junior JourneymanElsewhere on Pern
Demel51Senior Journeyman HarperHarper Hall
Doria14Junior WeyrlingDolphin Cove Weyr
E'las28Wingrider, Azure WingDragonsfall Weyr
E'ril40Weyrlingstaff AssistantDolphin Cove Weyr
E'ron19Wingrider, Cyclone WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Faldrimme19Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
Famell47Hall ResidentDolphin Hall
Fauland21Junior Apprentice HarperHarper Hall
Geirlene17Hall ResidentVintner Hall
Gromis26Junior Journeyman HarperHarper Hall
Ioven43Senior Journeyman SmithSunstone Seahold
Jackeron39Senior Journeyman TechnicianElsewhere on Pern
Jerroll60Ship First MateElsewhere on Pern
Juvento15Junior ApprenticeSeacraft Hall
J'lai42Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
J'nor22Wingrider, Cyan WingDragonsfall Weyr
Kaiji43Senior Journeyman WeaverDolphin Cove Weyr
Kalesia25Senior Apprentice DolphineerDolphin Hall
Kapalis26Wingrider, Hurricane WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Kaphrad56Ship First MateSeacraft Hall
Kenza47Wingrider, Cyan WingDragonsfall Weyr
Kobias40Master CrafterHidden Meadows
Kosten46Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
Kwiksol26Senior JourneymanHidden Meadows
K'far35Wingrider, Cyan WingDragonsfall Weyr
K'tu22Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Lerra68Ship CrewElsewhere on Pern
Lerwit14Junior Apprentice DolphineerDolphin Hall
Lucan48Senior Journeyman VintnerVintner Hall
L'ris19Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Malyna19Wingrider, Cyclone WingDolphin Cove Weyr
Margero29Senior JourneymanSeacraft Hall
Mealden32Junior Journeyman MasonEmerald Falls Hold
Milroy33Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
M'calk66Weyrlingstaff AssistantDolphin Cove Weyr
Niils33Senior Journeyman TechnicianHarper Hall
Nimroy35Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
Nyblek20Junior ApprenticeElsewhere on Pern
Nydalid49Weyr ResidentDolphin Cove Weyr
Odak23Senior ApprenticeElsewhere on Pern
Oniya18Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Pacham68WeyrhealerDolphin Cove Weyr
Rignaer26Junior Journeyman FarmerAmber Hills Hold
Rizpaulen56Minor HolderEmerald Falls Hold
Roldar39Senior Journeyman HealerRiver Bluff Weyr
Royan48Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
R'cha30Wingrider, Cyan WingDragonsfall Weyr
R'masu46Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
R'sedel44Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Sh'larn24Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Sojak28Senior Journeyman HarperSunstone Seahold
So'nji21Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Sulda19Junior Apprentice DolphineerDolphin Hall
Talmune72Master of ApprenticesHarper Hall
Taraglan56Master CrafterDolphin Hall
Telemon47Master CrafterSunstone Seahold
Tokallya23Weyr ResidentRiver Bluff Weyr
Torianna16Hold ResidentCitrus Bay Hold
Traharn34Senior Journeyman TannerEmerald Falls Hold
T'kala21Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
T'lei50Wingrider, Hurricane WingDolphin Cove Weyr
U'fouinn26Wingrider, Rapids WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Viriana25Weyr ResidentRiver Bluff Weyr
V'kellyn43Weyrlingstaff AssistantRiver Bluff Weyr
Warran60Senior Journeyman HarperHarper Hall
Y'kas40Wingrider, Torrent WingRiver Bluff Weyr
Zebrekhan72Master CrafterRiver Bluff Weyr
Zeindeyal23Senior ApprenticeElsewhere on Pern
Zeralden46Hold ResidentAmber Hills Hold
Z'lon25Wingrider, Hurricane WingDolphin Cove Weyr

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