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Triad Weyrs Calendars

Our calendars contain a daily weather report for each location, notices of important events such as Threadfall and Gathers, and the short stories written by our members.

Latest Stories

    Check-up Chat
    Jadirah gives Saibra a standard checkup and takes the opportunity to gossip.
    Writers: Avery, Heather
    Characters: Jadirah, Saibra

    Forever Yours, Faithfully.
    Benamil and Nazli marry at the Amber Hills Gather
    Writers: Heather, Suzee
    Characters: Benamil, Nazli, Arion, Zathris, Benani

    You Are Wanted (2/2)
    Uetia and Jaylene come to take Lafael to Dragonsfall.
    Writers: Eimi, Len, Paula
    Characters: Uetia, Jaylene, Nerylyn, Kiomo, Lafael

    You are Wanted (1/2)
    Uetia gets a message that the HAD has been found and runs to tell Jaylene
    Writers: Eimi, Len, Paula
    Characters: Uetia, Jaylene, Nerylyn, Kiomo

    AAH-VH: A Quiet Night
    Capwick stops by the tavern for a drink and a chat with Puwul.
    Writers: Eimi, Paula
    Characters: Puwul, Capwick

    An Illusive One
    Zh'no checks in on his old friend E'naer to see how his last Flight went...
    Writers: Eimi, Paula
    Characters: E'naer, Zh'no

    Busy and Moving
    The start of something good
    Writers: Miriah, Suzee
    Characters: K'ale, Lanniya

    R'sedel ponders his next move...
    Writers: Eimi, Heather
    Characters: R'sedel, Zh'no

    Fire Watching
    Paetri spots a familiar face while on a sweepride
    Writers: Eimi, Miriah
    Characters: Paetri, Zh'no

    No douple-weyring
    Yanley caughts G'wen having two weyrs.
    Writers: Len, Paula
    Characters: Yanley, G'wen

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