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Triad Weyrs Calendars

Our calendars contain a daily weather report for each location, notices of important events such as Threadfall and Gathers, and the short stories written by our members.

Latest Stories

    Early Risers PG-17
    Tyselin and Vatirel enjoy the effects of Panitath's flight.
    Writers: Avery, Devin
    Characters: Vatirel, Tyselin, L'pin

    A Gem of an Idea
    A wedding gift gives Thraxe a change to indulge in his favorite hobby.
    Writers: Eimi, Leigh M-F.
    Characters: Thraxe, Mahni

    Worn Out
    Weyrleaders relax after the flight.
    Writers: Devin, Suzee
    Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis

    Lie back, and think of Pern
    K'deren gets more than he bargained for out of a flight.
    Writers: Emma, Suzee
    Characters: K'deren, Kalishay

    Happy Turns End
    Eilomar is a thoughtful husband... Who knew?
    Writers: Eimi, Paula
    Characters: Eilomar, Merlish, Mytan, Tellis

    Apprentice or Student?
    Jayzine delivers a meal to Corowal and asks permission for her daughter's apprenticeship.
    Writers: Paula, Suzee
    Characters: Jayzine, Corowal

    Naton and Thayde discuss an apprentice.
    Writers: Eimi, Heather
    Characters: Naton, Thayde

    Settling In
    The new Headwoman and family settle in.
    Writers: Suzee, Emma
    Characters: Jielta, Jayzine, Miyon

    Mortifying Embarrassment
    A'dryn seeks comfort of a different kind from his lover after Nalarith's flight.
    Writers: Devin, Paula
    Characters: A'dryn, B'jon

    A quiet day of fishing and conversation.
    Writers: Leigh M-F., Eimi
    Characters: Capwick, Brodent

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