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Triad Weyrs Calendars

Our calendars contain a daily weather report for each location, notices of important events such as Threadfall and Gathers, and the short stories written by our members.

Latest Stories

    The Evening Continues
    The promised party encounter.
    Writers: Avery, Heather F
    Characters: C'rin, Riveenata

    Proud of You
    The headwoman's daughter has news.
    Writers: Emma, Suzee
    Characters: Jielta, Jayzine

    Remembering First Blood
    C'rin and F'dal fly in their first Threadfall.
    Writers: Avery, Heather F, Paula
    Characters: F'dal, K'ran, A'kades, Im're, Drumilla, C'rin

    A Professional Discussion
    About a progress report.
    Writers: Leigh M-F., Paula
    Characters: Taren, Zelltye

    Families From Before
    Teseada and Z'then have a conversation.
    Writers: Avery, Emma
    Characters: Teseada, Z'then

    This Is Not A Drill
    The Weyrleaders discuss some emergency drills for Dragonsfall.
    Writers: Emma, Heather F
    Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

    Small but Superior
    While on a sweepride, some DFW riders do some good.
    Writers: Chelle, Devin
    Characters: R'gelen, R'allo

    Pre-Thread Jitters.
    Music helps the weyrling vent once more.
    Writers: Leigh M-F.
    Characters: A'kua

    Brand New Day. [1/2]
    At long last.
    Writers: Leigh M-F.
    Characters: A'kua

    Brand New Day. [2/2]
    At long last.
    Writers: Leigh M-F.
    Characters: A'kua, Ilyssia

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