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Triad Weyrs Calendars

Our calendars contain a daily weather report for each location, notices of important events such as Threadfall and Gathers, and the short stories written by our members.

Latest Stories

    A Southern Assignment
    Tasni tells her friends about her new posting
    Writers: Estelle
    Characters: Tasni, Telvia, Sifan, Zhelan

    Jumping to Conclusions
    R'fal attends his extra class, unaware that he's being followed
    Writers: Estelle
    Characters: R'fal, O'len, Lydela

    Unexpected Connections
    An unexpected connection
    Writers: Miriah, Suzee
    Characters: J'ackt, Timassa

    The Imaginary Girlfriend
    R'fal finds a way to conceal the fact that he's attending extra classes
    Writers: Estelle
    Characters: R'fal, O'len, Lydela

    A Dull Lesson
    A weyrling lesson is boring for dragonets.
    Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin, Estelle, Paula
    Characters: L'pin, K'don, T'lin, R'fal, Dessa, V'rel

    Sun, Sand, and Sea Monters
    L’exan has a big mouth, but R’fal is open-minded.
    Writers: Estelle, Leigh M-F.
    Characters: L'exan, R'fal

    It Takes Time
    J'ackt gets support from N'vanik while sparring.
    Writers: Devin, Miriah
    Characters: N'vanik, J'ackt

    Morning splashing
    The weyrling riders are tired, the dragonet's full of energy.
    Writers: Devin, Paula
    Characters: T'lin, Dessa

    Playful Banter
    N'vanik and Cyradis dance at the hatching feast
    Writers: Devin, Suzee
    Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis

    Picking Up Passengers
    L'cor gets Dessa's parents for the hatching
    Writers: Suzee, Paula
    Characters: L'cor, Elliwa, Desliw, Desskar

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