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Weyrling Training - Quick Reference

This quick checker will give you a guide as to where your Weyrling is in his or her training plan, and what he/she is allowed to get up to at the moment!

A couple of things to note - first of all, some weyrlings will inevitably be of the opinion that rules are made to be broken, and we certainly wouldn't want to stop you if you wanted to do a fun story about your weyrling trying to fly with his dragon before the correct time! But if this is what you want, PLEASE discuss it first with the writer of the Weyrlingmaster or one of the Weyr's leadership, who will advise you on what the consequences might be.

Secondly, remember that there's a flip side to each rule - if the schedule says that your weyrling pair are living in the barracks, don't post about them holding a party in their weyr, but equally if they ARE at the stage where they're in their own weyr, don't post about them sleeping in the barracks!

That's about all - just select your weyrling's name to find out what they can do. The "Weyrling Timewarp" is ©2003 Triad Weyrs - if you would like to use it in your own Weyr, please see our credit page.

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