Bonus Persona Location: Amber Hills
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Stories set at Dragonsfall Weyr (1-May-17 to 31-May-17)

9th May 2017

Even Weyrwomen Gossip
The three Weyrwoman meet to discuss business... well, mostly business.
Writers: Heather F, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, Saibra, Lenala, Yanley

11th May 2017

The Advantages of Weyrmates
D'ale and W'ser talk
Writers: Heather F, Suzee
Characters: D'ale, W'ser

14th May 2017

A Short Talk.
Z'then would like to catch up, but A'kua's too busy fuming.
Writers: Avery, Leigh M-F.
Characters: Z'then, A'kua

Facing Fears
Saibra makes a suggestion to Z'then to help with his fear of heights.
Writers: Avery, Heather F
Characters: Saibra, Z'then

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