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Persona Profile: H'rami

Writer: Cymiri

Name: H'rami
Age: 30
Birthday: m8 d21
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
He is lean faced, gaunt from protracted poor childhood nutrition, but itís hung on good underlying bone structure so itís not entirely unpleasant. Dark eyes are almost black, definitely more than a little shifty. Olive skin is creased by more lines then his age justifies- sun damage and careworn. Cynical eyebrows are ready to quirk at the slightest provocation. His hair is pitch black. And he has a silly moustache.

No really. Itís the thin moustache every harper's villain has worn for ages eternal and yet he keeps it! And the matching speck of chin beard makes a face that could have squeaked in as 'genial' if never 'handsome' look sharp and shifty instead.

Let's put it this way...if H'rami offered to sell you a runner at a gather, you wouldn't be spending your marks on it. You wouldn't buy *anything* from him. And you would watch your pockets the whole time too.

In his body, he's a middling height, shorter than a good third of his male compatriots but taller than the majority of women, and remains sort-of underweight despite a healthy appetite- a fast metabolism helps. So does background paranoia. He's tough, though, like a lot of lean and wiry men, deceptively so if you get distracted by his craven squealing. His hands are calloused and weather beaten like his face, and he's clearly spent a lot of time in the elements. His arid homeland [if this is the week to be claiming that] influences his casual dress.

Emotional Description of Persona:
H'rami *acts* [vital word] every holdless stereotype. Although smart-not as smart as he *thinks* he is- every ounce went to the wrong applications 'til a formidable brown started kicking his backside.In a life with little choice, petty larceny was his. He's not inherently bad, just self-centric/self-preserving. There's a tender heart under it...somewhere.

H'rami learnt bluff and bravado as a defence. Not like he *wanted* that girl anyway. A hug? Bah! Get real. You want to help *him* sweet *gag*... Itís incredibly irritating. Which is a shame. H'rami really does want someone to love him. Desperately. It just takes digging. See, he was never very brave, and cowardice was a safe way to never care that life let him down. It was easier to cultivate it then ask what made other scared people be brave.

Against everything he will tell you [or believes] he is also a man with depth. The things that have happened to him began the process of realising that some things were worth *facing* fear for. Then add Joharith, shake twice and stir. Itís not all Joharith though. H'rami- whatever he may tell you- stood because he was no longer able to hide his head in the sand about helping others. Thread scares him- but he has matured to realize that being scared *isn't* a reason not to *do* or *care* if you can help. H'rami is no gung-ho rider. He sweats and shakes and lists what can go wrong through most Threadfalls until adrenaline and deep-buried common sense and his utterly self-confident brown get [thankfully] in the way. Being H'rami he ALSO does it muttering...but at the critical times, his good heart wins over his craven nature and he does the right thing, petrified or not.

Out of fall, it can be funny. Because while Joharith has aided in prodding to the surface all those good facets that led to this evolution, he also can't bring himself to do the same when itís over something as naff as finding a crawler on the soapsand. Itís too sharded funny watching his rider squeal!

H'rami hides another secret wild runners wonít drag from him...he really wants a daughter. Even better, daughters. Girls he can cosset and treasure; and be there for in a way no one ever has been for him. He wants those daughters to come running to daddy if someone steals their doll in the crŤche, and he wants them to still be doing it when itís unsuitable youths in danger of an awesome kicking from said vengeful papa.

H'rami as he is now is still a man who lacks courage, but is no longer a coward...and he still snarks all the way. Some things never change.

History of Persona:
H'rami's a feckless drifter from a long line of feckless drifters. No affiliation pegged him. He didn't * like* that lack of emotional attachment, but that's how life went. Childhood was spent learning naughty skills. Adolescence perfected them or he starved. He got teased for shying at shadows too. It was fun to drop a crawler down his neck and watch the girlish screaming. Taught not to really care about much at all, he dismissed his cowardice as sensible self-preservation.

To be brutally honest his 'official' birthdate and other info was more or less made up from best guesses. His birth *day* was picked because the candidate master had the numbers on a report. He claims Garnet Valley and Dolphin Cove alternately as a birth place, depending on what suits
Harami's life of vagrancy and thievery ended abruptly when he was caught at one of those dubious backriver cotholds. He was lucky they didn't lynch him. He got a beating within an inch of his life and...left. Battered and facing the teeth of a terrible storm.

Big deal, right? He could manage by himself! Not quite. He survived because of one merchant's pity driving him to 'accidently' leave behind a bit of food, and that is it. It was a very uncomfortable time for him and he came to regret dismissing help. Another kind soul pointed him at a harper near Emerald Falls more interested in helping people then in their mistakes. The man did more for Harami then anyone else did, even teaching him to read. He got an honest guard job even. Briefly.

The Harper got caught with his [male] lover when the pair really should have known better. Harami the Guard welched. He hadn't signed up to this lark to get killed, and the group of angry holders looked an awful lot like the mob he'd expected to lynch *him*. A visiting rider pair tried to restore order, but it backfired. When one was knocked out cold in the hysteria, Harami found himself shamed by the cowardice that had previously been so easily dismissed and sunk a belt knife into the ringleader's shoulder blades just as the man would have been crazy enough to try the same on the other rider. His hissed 'Go home, I'll deal with this' to the rider in question were probably the most surprising 6 words he'd ever said.

And deal with it he did. Tactfully and all. Then he threw up. But he got a free lift to the Weyr when they came to collect their injured- the searchdragon insisted.

Almost immediately he found himself in possession of a small brown dragon. He strongly suspects he's lucky his candidacy numbered in weeks as they may have decided to boot him out otherwise. The weyrling master secretly agrees. Instead of which he won for once.

Sort of. Joharith is a spitfire inferno of loyalty, strength and justness. They are a volatile mix, with Joharith constantly prodding the depths of H'rami's cowardly soul for the gems that do lie there, and H'rami's self-care and craven nature putting the brakes on the headstrong freight-wagon that is Joharith.

Dragon's Name: Joharith
Dragon's Age: 9
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Joharith's a fairly pale brown, a perfectly even burnished colour all around until you reach his back. There there are darker spots and paler spots, for all like the skin of some large feline had been tossed across his back to leave its mark. He's an attractive dragon, honestly, but the same spitfire spark that lies in his personality is plain on the outside too. His eyes are perpetually bright and focused and he twitches and fidgets. Holders who've listened to one too many silly stories about dragons will probably back off. In his more playful moods, Joharith is not above using that.

Joharith is a Seriously, you would never know this dragon was anything less the then top of everything without the visual reference. Not that he'll *tell* you that. He just seems it. Uber confident, overwhelmingly vibrant, a spitfire is the only word for him and his personality hits you like a hammer. He burns...with passion, with a fiery personality, with steely dedication to causes he believes in. He's as outspoken as anything [HADs and even miscellaneous bystanders beware] and will *rail* against injustice and stupidity, not stopping short of physical tantrums. He's massively proud too, with an impressive vocabulary for a dragon, and tends to look down on the placid, the dumb or the bovine. His allegiance cannot be bought or sold, but he will give you it- and all his love- freely if you prove worthy. It's not like *every* dragon isn't the child of a bronze...but somehow, with Joharith, it seems to mean something dramatic.

Joharith is a moderate brown, so his stamina is moderate too. His explosiveness in the perception of 'injustice' is a two edged sword, as his sheer mouthiness. He is also occasionally too hard headed to be told, and not beyond taking physical steps to avoid being made to suffer what he might view as an indignity.

Approved: April 15th 2015
Last updated: April 2nd 2015

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