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Reports for Dolphin Hall

March 25th 2019

Enamra has her baby, a daughter, with the help of Master Thayde and Headwoman Jylanya. As planned, Enamra does not even look at the child after she is born. The infant is immediately wrapped and taken to Dolphin Cove Weyr by their Headwoman, Chaysea, who adopts the child as her own.

After recovering from childbirth, Enamra begins to look and feel healthier. Thayde finds her sitting alone outside one evening and tries to strike up a conversation. As a healer, Thayde is concerned about Enamra's isolation, and he decides to do his best to bring her out of her shell a bit.

Thayde invites Enamra to meet his dolphin, Ada, and the dolphin takes Enamra swimming, a past time that the drudge thoroughly enjoys.

Enamra is bullied by other drudges at the Hall who can read, and so they purposefully dump their extra assignments on the younger girl, knowing that she won't be able to read the chore list. Thayde, sensing Enamra's discomfort and stress over the situation, offers to help her learn to read.

Written by Heather as L1

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