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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

March 8th 2021

Cyradis has an interesting idea for how to handle leadership of the Queens' Wing while she's ground. She proposes K'sedel take over and train a rotation of young bronzeriders as 'Seconds. K'sedel agrees to the idea. Cyradis also asks Irrkali to become Wingthird for Volcano, securing full leadership for her Wing.

N'vanik promotes S'kand to Wingleader of Rapids Wing, which is in desperate need of permanent leadership.

R'lor arrives at Dolphin Cove to take on the Weyrlingmaster Third position and catches up with his friend Irrkali. He meets with Candidate Reyela and he asks her to help with new arrivals. He also meets with K'don and takes a liking to the young rider.

The Weyrlingmaster speaks to his 'Third R'lor about how this will effect the weyrlingstaff.

A greenrider is lost in 'Fall and her weyrmate morns. Cyradis does her best to comfort him. Naradis plans to check on him as well.

Reyela gets some advice from her uncle about her future. The past comes back to haunt her in the form of a nightmare about the River Bluff collapse.

Talryne is struggling with a project and Briata offers some advice. They have a nice conversation about crafting and children.

During a flight, T'lin remembers the first time he and V'rel relieved each other after a loss. T'lin goes to V'con for a new tunic and their measuring session turns intimate.

M'gan offers Z'ku the opportunity to be one of the temporary Wingseconds for the Queens' Wing and he eagerly accepts.

Furayl relaxes a little as he scrubs T'lin's dragon. But on another day he witnesses the Weyrleader sparring with J'ackt. In his panic, he almost faints. Furayl is also surprised to run into Enali in the kitchens. She has mixed feelings about the boy being caught up the plotting.

Written by Devin as L1

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