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Persona Profile: Westyn

Writer: Heather

Name: Westyn
Age: 41
Birthday: m3 d17
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Trader
Face Claim: Jeffrey Donovan

Physical Description of Persona:
Westyn is a man of average height that prides himself in keeping a toned physique. His black hair started showing silver strands when he was in his twenties, and now he's nothing short of a silver fox. Dark brown eyes, and a square jawline that is usually covered in a day's worth of stubble give him an air of experience and wisdom. He dresses in clothing befitting a trader who has acquired wealth, although he's not much on frippery and prefers a simpler style.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Quiet and intelligent, Westyn can come across as broody to those that don't know him. Pragmatic and business minded, Westyn sets goals and then works to see that they are achieved. At a younger point in his life laughing and smiling came much easier, but after the death of his wife Westyn full immersed himself in the only two things that matter in his life: his work and his children.

History of Persona:
Westyn grew up in a prosperous trading family. He is the middle child out of five total children, all of which were boys. Westyn's family was a tight-knit one that grew up looking out for one another. It wasn't a surprise to any of the family when Westyn married his long-time sweetheart at the age of nineteen. Gaylle was everything to Westyn, beautiful, smart, witty and more than anything, she was his best friend.

Not for lack of trying, it took the couple a few Turns before they conceived their first child. At twenty-five Westyn finally became the father of a beautiful baby girl that they named Waylle. After that, the children seemed to come quickly. His son Gaesyn when he was twenty-seven, another daughter, Gesylle when he was twenty-eight, and then one more girl, Wesla when he was thirty-five.

Having many children had always been in the plan for Westyn and Gaylle since they had both come from large families. What neither of them ever planned on was Gaylle's health failing when she was thirty-eight. The downhill spiral was uncontrollable, and in two months time Westyn was burying his best friend, wife, and the mother of his children.

It's been three Turns since Gaylle died, and with four children at home and a trading business that is booming, Westyn has decided that he needs help that only a wife and mother can provide. He's not interested in finding someone else to love, he's convinced that his heart was buried with his wife, but he does need someone to help raise his two youngest daughters especially.

Family and Friends
Gaylle, 40, Resident (Wife (Deceased))
Relwan, 37, Trader (Brother)
Demran, 45, Trader (Brother)
Dessyn, 46, Trader (Brother)
Lerew, 61, Resident (Mother)
Deavall, 66, Trader (Father)
Wesla, 7, Resident (Daughter)
Gesylle, 12, Resident (Daughter)
Gaesyn, 15, Resident (Son)
Waylle, 16, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Levall, 32, Trader (Brother)

Approved: December 29th 2015
Last updated: March 13th 2019

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