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Persona Profile: Marcina


Name: Marcina
Age: 18
Birthday: m3 d16
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Job: Herbalist (in training)

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (September 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
Marcina is lovely young woman with average height and soft, curved body. She's one those women who have tendency to gain weight, so she constantly watching her diet. Her hair is reddish brown shade that can only be called mahogany. It's carefully arranged to soft curls framing her heart shaped face. She has hazel brown eyes, large nose (which she hates) and lips perfectly suited for adorable pout. She has beautiful but untrained soprano voice.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Marcina comes from long line of fierce and strong willed women who knew what they wanted and how to get it. And what she wants is large family and high social status. She's ambitious and clever little schemer, with a mind like steel trap. She also learned very early to hide her true nature and appear sweet, kind and innocent. She’s not above using womanly wiles on men to get what she wants. Or as her mother always says: nectar attracts more vtols than vinegar. She’s loving and loyal to her family. While she has few true friends, she's ready to do almost anything for those she has. She has always loved children as well as singing and music. She’s learned few unconventional skills from her mother, like herbalism or how to defend herself with sharp, pointy object.

History of Persona:
Marcina was born in Forest Spring minor hold, beholded to Emerald Falls hold. She is the middle child of Marfin and Lycina and the Holder's grand-daugheter. She has three older brothers and three younger siblings. Thru her mother, she’s connected to Black Rock hold and Harper Hall.
Both of her grandmothers are strong willed matriarchs who ruled their families with iron fists. The iron fist was sometimes covered with soft gloves and hidden from their husbands. She admires them both. Marcina learned all the traditional skills of a high ranking hold woman and few non traditional skills. Like mixing herbs for simple cures and how to defend herself. Lycina didn’t want her daughters to be victims.
When she turned 12, she would have wanted to study music in the Harper Hall, but the arson and Hall’s move to Weyr ruined that plan. She started to study herbalism instead, like her mother, and grandmother Maerly taught her what she could about singing. Marcina been dreaming about Lord Corowal since he took over Emerald Falls hold. Unfortunately she was too young (13) to be considered for marriage while he was widowed.
When Marcina was told that she will marry Rizton, she was determined to make sure he would never look at another woman again. Even if it meant seducing him and rushed wedding. A child on the way she saw just as a way to secure her hold of him.

Family and Friends
Rizpaulen, 57, Minor Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (father-in-law)
Eilomar, 71, Master Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (grand-uncle)
Giffin, 73, Holder of Forest Spring (grandfather)
Margotta, 67, Holder's wife (grandmother)
Marfin, 41, Hold resident (father)
Lycina, 41, Herbalist (mother)

Last updated: March 2nd 2017

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