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Persona Profile: V'kellyn


Name: V'kellyn
Age: 43
Birthday: m8 d20
Rank: Wingrider, A Wing
Location: NPC Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (September 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
On the tall side of average, V'kellyn sports a well-muscled physique that leaves many a girl feeling faint, despite the long scar running from his right shoulder across his back toward his left hip. His skin is the color of dark klah mixed lightly with cream and his deep brown eyes set under heavy black brows can be warm and inviting or hard and unyielding depending upon the circumstance. His black hair is kept so closely cropped it's barely there, but he sometimes sports a light mustache that reaches down to a faint beard which seldom grows far beyond the stubble stage before he shaves it off. It's never a surprise to see his strong angular jaw completely clean shaven either, however. V'kellyn is one of those lucky few who always looks at least five turns younger than his actual age.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A born leader, V'kellyn can be exacting and demanding, though he is fair and _usually_ even-tempered. He's seen and experienced too much loss not to take a dragonrider's job seriously. He does know that getting the best out of people sometimes requires a light touch and a gentle word of encouragement. Despite plenty of loss, he was lucky to be born into a loving and supportive family that refused to let him shut himself off during times of tragedy. Though he's far more solemn than he once was, he still houses the humor and good-nature of his youth, though sometimes it is buried deep. He does enjoy music and dance, not to mention a good bottle of spirits and a game of cards.

History of Persona:
Born at River Bluff Weyrhold eight turns after the plague, Vekellyn had a normal childhood for a weyrbrat. His Grandmother, a masterhealer from Jade Harbor, defied her husband and moved with her children to the Weyrhold when the craft ban was enacted to keep her daughter from having to give up her craft. Her only daughter, Nekelyna was V'kellyn's mother who continued on to become a Senior Journeywoman Healer. Nekelyna weyrmated bluerider V'tar and they had three boys and a girl, Vekellyn being the oldest. The entire family was very close but Vekellyn and the his brother Vanek, who was only one turn younger, were inseparable. Shortly after the birth of Vekellyn's youngest brother, his mother and father separated which was a bit of a blow to the children. Still Weyrlife being what it was, there was no stigma attached to the break-up and life continued on. At age seventeen, Vekellyn Impressed bronze Xenderayth and his brother Vanek Impressed brown in the same hatching.

V'kellyn could be very focused when it came to work, but overall he was fun-loving and easygoing. The quintessential bronze-rider, he was a professed bachelor and lady's man until a certain beautiful singer, captured his attention and his heart. He weyrmated to Oocynia and they were quite happy for three turns until she died trying to deliver twin sons, leaving V'kellyn utterly heartbroken. V'nek helped tremendously in getting his brother through his time of mourning and V'kellyn emerged from the tragedy with a more serious edge than he'd had before. When Thread started to Fall, V'kellyn was in his element and his natural leadership skills became an asset to the Weyr. Losing his beloved brother V'nek in the first turn of Thread's return was a crushing blow, but every rider was needed, so there was no time to fall apart.

Shortly after his brother's death , V'kellyn transferred to Vista Point Weyr to fill a vacant Wingsecond position and distance himself from painful memories. A few turns later, he sustained a significant injury flying Threadfall while rescuing a wingmate but his recovery was made easier knowing that the young dragon and rider survived their blooding. During his convalescence, he worked with the weyrlingstaff and found great fulfillment in instructing the new riders. Rather than return to the fighting wings he accepted a vacant Weyrlingmaster Second position. Upon hearing of the near fatal injury of his nephew, V'nek's only son, during blooding, V'kellyn decided to take his daughter, Velika, and transfer back to River Bluff Weyr.

Family and Friends
Nekelyna, 70, Sr. Journeywoman Healer (Mother)
V'tar, 72, Bluerider (DEW) (Father)
V'nek, 1, Brownrider (Brother (deceased))
Veleska, 34, Jr. Journeywoman Healer (Sister)
V'lyn, 29, Bluerider (RBW) (Brother)
Oocynia, 1, Jr. Journeywoman Harper (Weyrmate (deceased))
Velika, 6, Weyrbrat (Daughter)
V'cam, 19, Brownrider (RBW) (Nephew)

Dragon's Name: Xenderayth
Dragon's Age: 26
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Xenderayth is a moderately large sized bronze, but more sleek than bulky. He is long tip to tail with an impressive wingspan, though not as deep chested as some bronzes. His hide is a deep dark tawny color overlaid with a metallic sheen marred slightly by a scar running along his left flank.

With the exception of Threadfall and mating flights, Xenderayth is a fairly easy going and laid back dragon. Like his rider, he is a natural leader. Full of confidence, he generally feels no need to prove himself. Demonstrating supreme patience, Xenderayth provides a steadying presence for the young dragons, though he can adopt a commanding demeanor when needed.

Last updated: July 2nd 2017

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