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Persona Profile: Alfginna


Name: Alfginna
Age: 25
Birthday: m4 d25
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: River Bluff Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Alfginna is 5 and half feet tall. Built thin and delicate, she doesn't weigh nearly as much as she should. Her hair is raven-black, straight and long, eyes are dark brown. Her face is long, narrow and plain, with slightly beaked nose. Her skin has light olive tint.

Emotional Description of Persona:
First thing people notice of Alfginna is her shyness and meekness. It like she has no will of her own. She is shy to the point of being socially handicapped and mistaken as mute. Her mother used to dictate everything in Alfginna's life. A recent crisis led her to discover that she's stronger and more capable than she believed, able to make tough decisions and act with determination.
Still, old habits die hard. Alfginna is trying to break away from her old life. Soft-spoken and gentle, she's natural caretaker, sacrificing her own well being if others needed her. She's also good seamstress and has been taught how to run hold.

History of Persona:
Alfginna was born as third child and first daughter to Iron Lake's Holder Rogin and his wife Alfida. Right from the start it was clear that she was inessential compared to her older brothers, Alrog and Rorin. Alfida was demanding mother who squashed any signs of will or independence Alfginna showed. Her younger sisters, born two and five turns later than she, got off easier. Alfginna was brought up to be perfect, obedient wife some holder or ranking crafter. Unfortunately, the means to do that were too harsh and she became morbidly shy and reticent child. She did learn all the necessary skills and turned out to be excellent in sewing and weaving.
Then sickness took Holder Rogin and Alfida became warden for under aged Alrog. Alfginna was sent to Garnet Valley as a fosterling, in a hopes she would attract an attention of potential husband. Alfginna enjoyed her time in Garnet Valley, outside of her mother's stern and demanding presence. However, she was too shy and plain to catch any man's interest. After three Turns in Garnet Valley, she returned back to Iron Lake Hold. She was now of marriageable age and her mother started to look for husband to her. But no avail. Any decent man found her just too...uninteresting. She just wasn't pretty enough and too meek. Her younger sisters had no such problems, while Alfginna was reduced to her mother's assistant and door mat. Her brother, holder of Iron Lake and both younger sisters married when their turn came. Then firehead epidemy hit the Iron Lake during the month nine of Turn 7. Her mother and brother and sister-in-law fell as victims of the decease. Alfginna didn't even get sick. Alrog's last will left the hold to her middle sister, Rolfina, and her husband Miro. First time in her life Alfginna was truly on her own and she was forced to make choice: What does she really want to do with her life.

Last updated: June 16th 2017

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