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Persona Profile: G'ran

Writer: Paula

Name: G'ran
Age: 29
Birthday: m2 d9
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Guard

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (June 2017)

Physical Description of Persona:
G'ran is only slightly taller than average but looks bigger because he's very muscular. He is considered handsome man with regular facial features and strong square jaws. He keeps his dark brown hair neat and short, his eyes are brown. His skin is tanned bronze under the tropical sun. He is skilled fighter and dresses well, but only because his weaver father supplies him with clothes. He has a Thread scar on his left shoulder blade, a reminder of his Blooding.

Emotional Description of Persona:
G'ran has always had a strong sense of duty and a need to protect others. While he's friendly and easy to get along he's also guarded. He doesn't usually let people too close. He tends to push them away when things get too personal. He's not self-assertive, preferring a modest attitude. Despite the lack of “cocky bronzerider attitude” he has no trouble giving commands or take the leadership role. Those who don't know the colour of his dragon often mistake him for a brownrider.

History of Persona:
Born in Topaz Sea Hold as first child to journeyman weaver Gunnir and his trader-born wife Ranadia, he was originally named Gunran. He had three younger siblings. His childhood wasn’t easy. His parents were unhappily married and it spilled to affect the children. Only after he moved to Weyr, he realized that his father was more attracted to his own gender than to his wife which caused misery, resentment and bitterness in their marriage. G'ran felt strongly that it was his job to shield the younger ones. So he looked after them while his parents quarreled. In general, G'ran got into fights quite often as a child. Usually he was defending someone else. He did knew from early age what he wanted to be: a guard. So he recruited as soon as he reached the age.
After reaching adulthood, he married his teen-sweetheart Mariola. They had a daughter, Guniola. She was still a baby when G'ran was picked out during a Search. G'ran felt it was his duty to protect Pern from Thread. The Pass has just begun and he felt honoured that he had been chosen. But Mariola didn't want to leave Topaz Sea Hold and move to Weyr. She didn't allow him to take their daughter with him. So their marriage ended, a bitter and sad moment for G'ran.
G'ran Impressed Mareloth during his first Standing. He was still a weyrling when he heard that Mariola had re-married.
G'ran and Mareloth were both injured during their Blooding. After recovering, they joined the fighting wings, proving themselves capable and reliable pair in the air. G'ran has giving lessons in self-defence for the weyrfolk for many Turns now.

Family and Friends
Gunnir, 50, Master Weaver (father )
Ranadia, 48, Hold resident (mother )
Niradia, 26, Hold resident (sister)
Gunna, 24, Hold resident (sister)
Diagun, 21, Journeyman tanner (brother)
Mariola, 28, Hold resident (ex-wife)
Guniola, 10, Hold resident (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Mareloth
Dragon's Age: 9
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Mareloth is medium-sized sturdy bronze with a coppery-bronze hide. He is stable natured and even tempered with the protective instinct and sense of responsibility typical for the bronzes. Being social and friendly, he is easy to get along with and rather hard to anger. You have to do something pretty stupid or dangerous to rise Mareloth’s ire.

Approved: March 16th 2017
Last updated: April 25th 2017

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