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Persona Profile: Tameira

Writer: Setsuna

Name: Tameira
Age: 20
Birthday: m5 d22
Rank: Junior Journeyman Harper
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Instrumental/ Vocal Music

Physical Description of Persona:
A young woman of five feet and five inches in height and 138 pounds in weight, resulting in a slender body with gentle curves and a shapely figure. She has light colored skin that does not tan but will begin to sunburn after a handful of hours of direct sunlight. She has large soulful light blue eyes which contrasts strongly with her rich black wavy and thick hair that reaches to her mid-back. She usually wears her hair mostly loose with a braid on each side of her head going to the back and merging into one braid. She will sometimes wear ribbons twined in her braids, depending on her mood and the situation.

Her usual clothing consists of an off the shoulder harper blue long sleeved tunic made from a light breathable but strong fabric with sky blue strips of fabric sewn along the neckline and crisscrossing over and under the bust. Under the tunic, she wears light blue long cotton pants that tuck into her knee high blue boots with soft blue wherry down lining the top.

However when she must be in the colder climates, she replaces her off the shoulder tunic with a heavily woven wool sweater dyed harper blue with a cowl bust line and long sleeves while underneath she wears a tight high necked and also long sleeved top that helps to keep her body heat close, though if it's only cool weather, she'll suffice with the turtleneck top and discard the sweater.

She replaces her cotton pants with a pair of pants made from wherry down which go underneath another pair of pants made from a much thicker material. She also wears woven wool socks and blue above the knee boots lined inside and along the top with wherry down, and laced tightly with string. If it's snowing, she'll don a leather button up coat that reaches to her knees. It is long sleeved, lined on the inside with all manner of warming fur, and even has a fur lined hood she can pull up. It does tend to be a bit high, so she can hide half her face in her coat if she feels she must.

She also has a beloved ornament made of a seashell and blue dyed stylized wherry fur she wears very often.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Tameira is in general a "go with the tide" type of woman. If the situation is not immediately important, she's content to sit back and gather her energy for when it's needed. But the moment a situation becomes important, she leaps into action without hesitation, which could potentially cause problems from time to time.

She's usually the type to wear a smile rather than a frown, and give a friendly wave to anyone. But the moment a friend or family member is in trouble or bothered, or danger in general approaches, a strong ferocity emerges in her and she becomes intensely protective of them, determined to make things right again. She has no qualms about fighting, but considers punching very uncouth. She's more likely to throw something at them.

She does tend to veer on the girlish side, enjoying pretty things, but this does not change the fact she is also tough and a bit tomboyish in her actions. She'd have no problem climbing over the sea rocks with her hair bedecked in ribbons and wearing newly made clothes. She also can be quite a teasing person, she will mess with people to make them do a bit of a double take or confuse them though she means it in good fun. If she upsets anyone with her teasing, she'll quickly apologize and make amends the best she can.

She holds a high respect for the Dragon riders and the Dragons themselves, and is amazed anew any time she sees them fighting Thread. She holds no real fear for Thread, but gives it a healthy respect and knows it's not an opponent she can face. However this does not stop her from trying to sneak a peek whenever Thread falls to watch the Dragons and their Riders doing their duty, or sometimes sneaking to the Hatching Grounds for a look at the Dragon eggs, or standing in certain places to watch the Weyrlings interacting with their new hatchlings. She would dearly love to Stand and have the chance to Impress a Dragon, but as of yet she has not had the courage to ask to join the Candidate Program.

She deeply loves music in the many shapes it takes, and if she can get time to be by herself, she'll usually have some instrument in her hands and sit somewhere and twiddle little tunes, some she builds on and shares with the others of the Weyr, others she tests for a bit before discarding. This is usually the most relaxing pastime and de-stressing for her, allowing her mind to unwind. If she has to calm down quickly, she will sing the first song that comes to mind, and this usually will help settle her. Her occasional nickname to close friends is Tam.

History of Persona:
Tameira was born to two Dolphin Cove Weyr residents, so did not require fostering at any stage of her life. She grew up very much in the Weyr mentality and considers it rather sophisticated and sensible compared to other lifestyles. Her childhood was normal without any extraordinary events. She grew up used to the heat, and considers the cold quite abnormal at this point.

Shortly after her twelfth turn, she became an apprentice to the resident Harper of Dolphin Cove Weyr. She at first only had talent in singing, but proved an eager learner when it came to instruments, though this only applied to anything with strings. Anything that does not have strings, she can manage somewhat, but not particularly well.

During her 16th turn, she was climbing over the rocks near the beach, trying to find a spot that might spark inspiration for a song she'd been trying to develop. She came across a clutch of Flits halfway through hatching and was stopped in her tracks! Before all of the eggs hatched, she managed to impress a blue Flit, which she thought incredibly fitting for an apprentice Harper and considered it the touch of fate.

When she was halfway through her eighteenth turn, she was skilled enough to advance to Junior Journeyman, something that caused her great pride in herself, and her parents pride as well. Now she travels when she must or if she feels she has to, enjoying seeing new sights, though she very nearly hates it when she must visit the colder northern Weyrs and Holds.


Marlais, Blue Firelizard: aged 4, hatched m13 d8
A bit silly, energetic and comedic in personality, he rarely ever really sits still. He'll usually be flitting around doing something or other, being a bit of a pest in his ever on-going quest for attention, or finding something to get into to keep him interested. The only way he will be still for an extended period of time is when he is allowed to settle himself in Tameira's hair or when he is singing. Or of course when he's eating!

Though he is beginning to develop a fondness for twining his tail and clutching onto Tameira's forearm as a perch to lay on, much to her frustration when she is trying to play an instrument or work, but she is beginning to learn how to deal with it for the sake of her beloved firelizard and because she knows she'll never get it out of his stubborn hard little head.

He is only really fond of Tameira, but he tolerates friends and family to varying degrees. Usually anyone who wishes to pet him has to first sit through a little solo concert, unless he comes to them first seeking strokes along his hide. Anyone who “dares” to touch him without being witness to his, in his opinion marvelous voice, will usually be rewarded with a hiss and blatant ignoring for up to a week.

Last updated: March 21st 2016

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