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Catching Up

Writers: Ames, Francesca
Date Posted: 26th May 2019

Characters: T'nom, Arrilon
Description: T'nom and Arrilon catch up on what has transpired since their days as candidates together
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 1 of Turn 9


Arrilon left the dining cavern and headed towards the beach, planning
to take advantage of the remaining sunlight to do some drawing. As he
crossed the Weyrbowl he thought he saw someone he hadn't seen in Turns
and, without thinking, said loudly, "T'nom?!" He immediately had a
pang of regret, wondering if he actually wanted to talk to the
bronzerider. The two had been Candidates together and had quickly
bonded over being older Candidates, but then Tanom had become T'nom
and Arrilon had been left on the Sands. They hadn't seen each other
much since then, and then T'nom had transferred elsewhere. Arrilon
wasn't sure how he felt seeing him again.

He heard someone call out his name and T'nom turned. He glanced around
until his eyes settled on an old friend.

"Arrilon?" He asked, walking towards him. They had barely talked these
past few Turns, and honestly, T'nom hadn't even been sure his friend
had stayed after not Impressing.

"How _are_ you? It's nice to see you again," he added. He wondered if
they could still be friends they way they had before, or if it would
be too hard for them to to continue the bond that had started so many
Turns ago. He remembered how they had both plotted to leave the Weyr
together if they didn't Impress.

"It's good to see you too," Arrilon replied automatically. And, as he
said the words, he realized he was glad to see T'nom, even though it
also felt a little awkward. Did they have anything in common anymore?
"I'm good. I've been focusing on my craft and hope to walk the tables
soon. And you? You transferred back here?"

"Yeah, just got back not too long ago. I needed the change originally,
but I found I truly missed living _here_. In some ways it's like I
never left, but in other ways, so much has changed too. What projects
have you been working on lately?" T'nom asked, truly curious. While he
still dabbled in his craft when he had time, he could no longer devote
the energy to his woodcraft projects the way he had before Impression.
He did miss being able to craft for candlemarks on end, but nothing
would ever change the depth of the bond he felt for Taldeth above all
other things.

"Well, I recently carved a flute. And I still sketch frequently,"
Arrilon replied, thinking back to when he would show his artwork to
his friend in the Candidate barracks. "My drawings of dragons have
definitely improved; the ones of people, not as much." He though of
other developments over the past few Turns. "Do you ever go to the
Tavern at the Vintner Hall? I haven't quite become a regular there,
but I go sometimes with a harper dragonrider."

"It sounds like you've been busy," T'nom replied. "I really haven't
had much time to work on my craft. I've made a few things here and
there over the Turns, but it takes so long to complete just one
project, since Taldeth and Fall always come first. You know," he
paused, "I should have you draw Taldeth for me. I'd really like that
and so would he," he grinned at that thought. Taldeth loved attention,
especially if he felt it made him shine in anyway.

"Definitely. Bronzes are my favorite to draw because the light plays
off their hides nicely," Arrilon admitted. "But don't tell my sister
that." Then, in a more serious tone, "How has it been being back? I
know things were ... complicated when you left. Have you spent any
time with your son?"

"Things are better now," T'nom replied, having found for the most part
that he had settled in easily. "Much of that _drama_ has moved on.
I've had time to dwell on things and move on as well. All is well. I
have been spending quite a bit of time with Kazom. It's nice to see
him so often now that I'm here." He paused, looking over at his
friend. "What about you? Have you hooked up with anyone over these
past few Turns?"

Arrilon immediately felt his face flush. "Not since that apprentice
harper when the Harper Hall was still here." She had just been looking
for an adventure before the Hall moved to its new location, and he had
been in his final Turn as a Candidate and was a bundle of negative
emotions. Their time together had been brief and awkward, but he
couldn't bring himself to regret it. "Even after Turns living in
Weyrs, I don't think I'll ever be as free as many of you. And," he
added with a small smile, "I don't have a dragon to force me into

T'nom chuckled a bit at that. "It _is_ true that the dragons lead the
way so many times. It's hard to believe I felt the same so many Turns
ago. I've learned, instead, to go along with things more now a days.
In fact, I'd so much rather _not_ be attached. It's just easier."

"I guess so," Arrilon replied, a bit skeptical. "As long as the other
person doesn't want to be attached either. Then it all just gets
complicated again." He hadn't experienced it himself, but had seen
others deal with messy relationships where one person wanted more than
the other was willing to give. "Have you had luck with that approach?"

"In recent Turns, I've had much success with a no strings attached
kind of living. It's been better for me in all aspects. I don't need
messy situations anymore in my life," T'nom replied.

"Well, whatever works for you." Not sure what else to talk about, and
noticing the sun dip lower in the sky, Arrilon gave a small smile to
T'nom. "I need to get back to work, but it was good seeing you. And,
welcome back."

Last updated on the June 15th 2019

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