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August 2019

Current Roleplay Month: Month 12 Turn 9

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Dragonsfall Weyr

Written by Heather as L2 on March 25th 2019

Amber Hills Hold

Written by Heather as L1 on March 2nd 2019

Vintner Hall

Written by AmajoS as L1 on June 1st 2019

Dolphin Cove Weyr

Written by Devin as L1 on August 15th 2019

Dolphin Hall

Written by Heather as L1 on March 25th 2019

Emerald Falls Hold

Written by Paula as L1 on June 3rd 2019

Harper Hall

Written by Eimi as L1 on January 12th 2019

River Bluff Weyr

Written by Avery as L1 on October 27th 2017

Sunstone Seahold

Written by Suzee as L1 on June 7th 2019

Seacrafter Hall

Written by Suzee as Other on June 11th 2017

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