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Persona Profile: Lafael

Writer: Len

Name: Lafael
Age: 19
Birthday: m12 d6
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Hears All Dragons

Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (March 2015)

Physical Description of Persona:
Lafael is underfed and scrawny. He might be good looking if he took better care of his appearance. The only striking feature about him are his large pale hazel eyes that often look more golden than green. His hair is dark brown and shaggy, hiding most of his features. His lips are full and his face more pretty than handsome. He stands all of 5'5".

Emotional Description of Persona:
Lafael is spacy at the best of times. He often wanders off, lost in thought and can find the simplest of tasks all but impossible to finish,as there's more important things to think about than work! If he's not interested in something, he's very loath to have to actually do it, a rather bad trait for a drudge to have. Were he to have had a different upbringing he would have been a very happy lad, but it was his misfortune to have been born a drudge. Despite this, he does look at the bright side of life and is generally a hopeful lad. He has spent his entire life far removed from any large Hold and had never seen a dragon before coming to Sunstone Hold.

History of Persona:
Lafael was the offspring of a young woman in a small hold. Shortly after his birth, she died of complications. She had a brother who worked in an isolated hold deep within the Southern Continent, and the boy's father took the baby to him. Young Lafael was unwanted by his uncle, who had a large family to keep, and he was raised as the family drudge. Just after his 12th birthingday he was turned over to a passing Trader, who used him as a groom for the runnerbeasts until the boy was 16. During a hurricane, Lafael broke his ankle and the trader--not wanting to spend the time healing him--turned the boy over to a Holder at Sunstone Seahold. He was quickly set to drudge tasks when the ankle healed up.

He has had two recent 'issues,' the first occuring during a fall down the stairs which resulted in him being unconscious for several sevendays. The more recent one was he heard the death of River's Buff's queen, which again resulted in a couple sevendays in the infirmary. After he was well enough, Lord Bryvin had a healer assess his issue, which they came to the conclusion was that he can hear dragons. He was taken to Dragonsfall after some time.

Approved: October 23rd 2014
Last updated: April 2nd 2019

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