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Persona Profile: F'veas

Writer: Len

Name: F'veas
Age: 16
Birthday: m4 d13
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall for his age, Pastrah has the features of his father with thick black hair and golden brown eyes. Because he’s just hit a growth spurt, he’s all long legs and arms, and big feet, with a still baby-ish face. He doesn’t sit well in this body and finds himself falling over his feet and just about anything else underfoot.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Pastrah has grown up with no idea really of who his father is and with a mother who resented him for reasons she never told him, and with a grandfather who clearly had no use for the boy. He’s always kept to himself and had few friends, with the ones he did have not really being close to the boy at all. He’s also often confused about who he is and what is his place in the world. And growing up in a Hold with no father meant the boy was often teased by other Holdbrats.

History of Persona:
Pastrah was fated right at the get go. He came about as a result of Candidate Patraveas trying to find out who he was. The young man slept with Finstah, a fellow Candidate, resulting in her pregnacy. Unaware what she was indeed with child, after the hatching--in which she didn’t impress--she went back to her home Hold. There was the prospect of a lucrative marriage contract but when it was discovered that she was caring a child, that was broken off and she was considered ‘ruined’ and unmarriable. So it was into an unloving atmosphere that Pastrah was born into.

Unknown to anyone, the boy’s father did Impress but it was to a green dragon. The boy grew up being unloved by his grandparents and Aunts and Uncles, and resented by his mother. Two turns ago his mother took him once to meet his father, who was shocked that he had a son. Finstah was angry and disgusted, and never again did Pastrah meet P’veas, despite the promise that he would see his son again. Shortly after his mother died of disease in the winter and he was left in the care of his grandfather, who believes greenriders to be perverts, and so since finding out that the boy’s father rides that colour, has had little to do with Pastrah, treating him as a drudge and not a beloved grandchild.

Just after his 13th birthingday, he was Searched and accepted to come to River's Buff Weyr. He was reunited with his father, now greenrider P'veas. Shortly after he Impressed little Wenarth and changed his name completely to F'veas, in honour of his father. Currently he is a member of the Weyrlingmaster staff, as he is too young to fly Fall.

Family and Friends
P'veas, 32, Wingrider, Cobalt Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (father)

Dragon's Name: Wenarth
Dragon's Age: 3
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Wenarth is quite small for a brown, and slender to boot. As a hatchling he was one of the smaller dragonets, with even some greens being larger than him. His hide is a deep chocolate brown, very warm in tone. The darkness only heightens his slender build and lithe appearance.

Approved: June 22nd 2011
Last updated: July 7th 2017

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