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Member Profile: Estelle

Name: Estelle
Status: Inactive
Age: 34
Birthday: 19th November
Location: England
Website: Estelle's World
AIM Screen Name: WonderJunkie2
Livejournal: wonderjunkie
Total Posts: 90
Member Rewards Marks: 0 - Balance History
Crayon Awards: Estelle's Awards

Favourite Quote:
"The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but we cannot live forever in a cradle."
-Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Russian scientist

Swimming, rowing, reading, writing and web design.

Future Goals:
To become an astronaut and be one of the first colonists on the planet Mars.

Dabryn, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold
Edevor, Hold Resident, Elsewhere on Pern
Gilbek, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold
Halli, Wingrider, Sienna Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr
Kelvarand, Hold Resident, Elsewhere on Pern
Lindria, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold
L'keri, Wingrider, Rapids Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Mardic, Hold Resident, Elsewhere on Pern
R'yal, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Tymin, Junior Apprentice Vintner, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold

Last updated on the November 20th 2005

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