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The Hardest Thing

Writers: Emma, Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 29th April 2016

Characters: L'cor, Oria, Corowal, Felyna
Description: Finally fostering their daughter
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr, Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 5, day 11 of Turn 8
Notes: Felyna written by permission

Lady Felyna

L'cor looked down into the tiny face cradled in Oria's arms. "I don't
know how you're going to do it," he shook his head. He was feeling a
little anxious about their trip to Emerald Falls and surrendering
their newborn to Lord Corowal and Lady Felyna.

"I don't know how we're going to do it," she corrected, as their child
wriggled in her arms.

"Yes," he agreed to her change of wording and bent to brush her lips
with his own. She'll be well taken care of," he added and brushed the
faintly auburn curls with one hand.

"I guess we just have to tell ourselves that plenty of riders have
done this before us," Oria smiled at her daughter. "And it is family
she's going to."

"Yes," he said softly in agreement he gathered Oria and their daughter
into a gentle embrace. He had been lucky to find her and now their
little girl would be raised in a style he'd only dreamed of as a boy.
"It is a good thing, and it isn't like we won't be able to see her any
time we want."

"I know," Oria said, managing a smile. "But I think you get to perform
one more fatherly duty before we go anywhere."

"Oh great," his nose wrinkled as he lifted his daughter. "I won't miss
this part."


The two dragons a bronze and a green spiraled down into the courtyard
in front of the main hold at Emerald Falls. They'd prearranged this
day in advance so the hold would be ready for the arrival.

Corowal walked out to meet the dragonriders. He had decided to leave
the children out of this. They would get a change to meet the
new-comer later.

Felyna stepped out of the Hold to follow her husband and meet their
new baby granddaughter. Her face was serene but inside the turmoil of
conflicting emotions threatened to overwhelm her control. She'd wanted
her own baby so badly that she would have risked almost anything
including her own health. But now here was one, not of her body, she
could cherish and shower with love even if it wasn't her husbands
child but his
grandchild. Both hers and not hers. She smiled a welcome.

L'cor slid from Tonuth's neck and hurried over to help Oria dismount
with her precious package strapped to her chest.

"I think she's okay," Oria said softly. "Not a peep out of her so
far." She had unstrapped herself, and began to unwrap their daughter.
"Let's hope she behaves for her grandfather."

He smiled at Oria and put an arm around her to guide her toward his
father. "Father," he said as they mounted the steps together. "Lady
Felyna," he nodded toward his father's wife.

"L'cor, you and Tonunth look well. Oria, you're as lovely as ever,"
Corowal greeted them warmly. "And is this my first grandchild?" he
looked the bundle at her arms. The thought of being a grandfather was
both exciting and sad. Exciting as it proved his bloodline was
continuing and sad because it reminded him of his age. He tended to
still think himself as a young man and then get a reminder that he was
in fact middle-aged.

"Thank you," Oria smiled genuinely at her weyrmate's father. "But this
is the lady of the moment, who you've been waiting to meet." She
unbundled the baby a little, and shifted her in her arms so she could
be seen properly. "Coria, meet your grandparents."

"Coria, such a pretty name. Hello, sweetheart, aren't you a cute one,"
Corowal said, sweet-talking to the baby.

Felyna stepped up to gaze down into the little face. "She's
beautiful," she smiled at Oria. As much as she wanted to take the babe
into her arms she was certain this would be a difficult step for the
parents so she merely reached out to touch the little fist and found
her finger captured along with her heart.

"Thank you sir," L'cor nodded at his father. "She really is a sweetheart."

The babe managed a smile, before her tiny face crumpled under the
unaccustomed attention. "Sshhh," Oria, rocked her gently. "This isn't
worth tears."

"Awww," Felyna longed to hold the baby to her breast and give her
comfort but that would come in time. She kept her face free of the
telltale pain and motioned toward the doors. "Should we go inside?"

"I think so," Oria said. "Might be better for her to get used to things slowly."

"Poor thing is going to get overwhelmed when she meets her uncles and
aunts," Corowal predicted and gave his arm to Felyna.

Felyna tucked her hand into his elbow with a smile up at him. Her
personal sadness was mixed with no small portion of elation at the
arrival of her husbands granddaughter.

L'cor smiled at Oria knowing how difficult leaving was going to be for
both of them. But their decision had been for the good of their
daughter. "She'll be happy here," he whispered and kissed Oria's
temple before following the Lord and Lady into the hold.

"I hope so," Oria replied just as softly. "She'll be loved, and fussed
over just like we would do."

His arm tightened around her shoulders, "and we'll be here as often as we can."

Last updated on the November 20th 2017

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