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Share Your Burdens

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 25th October 2020

Characters: A'kades, A'dryn
Description: A'kades and A'dryn catch up and discuss A'kades's lack of a romantic partner.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 6, day 3 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Cyradis

A'kades spotted A'dryn outside in the weyrbowl and jogged slightly to
catch up to him. "A'dryn! Got a moment to talk?"

"Of course," A'dryn said with a smile. He always had time for A'kades.
Although he did hope this wasn't a Wing discipline issue.

"Did you already have lunch yet? After the drill wrap-ups I haven't
had time. I was wondering if you wanted to grab a meal."

"I haven't eaten yet. I would love to join you."

"Excellent, I wanted to chat. I feel like it's been a bit since we
caught up, outside of seeing each other around at wing work. Little
busier around here as people have been transferring out."

"You're not going to leave, are you?" There was a little quiver in
A'dryn's voice and he cursed himself for sounding so childish. A'kades
had gone to another Weyr for a while after they were all scattered by
the River Bluff disaster and A'dryn had missed him terribly.

"You know, I was going to ask you the same question," he said.

"I don't have any plans to leave. A new Weyr sounds exciting, but I've
had enough change for a while."

"You don't miss the territory itself? The old, familiar land?"

A'dryn shook his head. "It's just a different view to fly over. The
Weyr is gone, that was home to me."

A'kades nodded as they headed to the dining hall. "Home's the people
and that place, but not the whole land?"

A'dryn glanced up at the bronzerider. Was A'kades thinking of moving
to Barrier Lake simply because it was near River Bluff's territory?
That was the reason he'd given for initially moving to Dragonsfall
after all. Could A'dryn's words help convince him to stay here?
"Dolphin Cove is starting to feel like home, and you're a part of

"Is it? I'm pleased for you," he said.

"Does it not feel like home to you?" A'dryn asked softly.

"No, it doesn't," he said. "Nowhere, since River Bluff. Everything
just feels like a temporary place to stay."

"I wish I could do something to make you feel better," A'dryn said as
they reached the dining cavern. A'kades had done so much for him and
it hurt to know the bronzerider was feeling so lost.

He half-shrugged. "Sometimes it feels as though life's just been on
hold the last two Turns. Waiting for something. Dulled. But I'm sure
you don't want to hear about all that."

A'dryn gently touched his arm. "I would be happy to listen if that
would help you in any way."

A'kades turned and pulled A'dryn into a half-hug. "You're so generous."

The young greenrider was startled but pleased. "You've done so much
for me. I don't want you to think you need to suffer through this on
your own. So please, share your burden with me."

A’kades shook his head and turned the half-hug into a full hug.
“You’re a fine young man, A’dryn. You’ve really grown into one, you

"Thank you." The greenrider's whole face heated. "Now, tell me what's
bothering you."

He cast a gaze around them, looking for a place to sit, and found a
quiet table off to the side. "I suppose I'm a little lonely. I miss
having someone who I'm close to in a physical or romantic sense. I
promise, I took your advice about flights," he said, remembering the
conversation they'd had about it, when they'd reversed positions and
A'dryn had been more like the mentor.

"That's good, for Volaith's sake." A'dryn had told him not to hold the
bronze back from flights. "Are you ready to be close to someone else?"

He was quiet for a long moment as he thought about it. "I'm opening my
heart for it. If I run into the right woman, I think I could be," he
finally said.

"What kinds of traits are you looking for?" A'dryn tilted his head,
ready to take mental notes. "Kindness, certainly. And intelligence I
would think. What else?"

A’kades thought of Lenala and Jadirah, the two women he’d loved who
were both very different, and very similar. “Perhaps kindness, but I
was thinking… Gentleness as well as strength, if that makes sense. I
need to be balanced out, I know I can be seen as a hidebound wher’s
ass sometimes,” and he gave A’dryn a grin so the younger man knew he
was able to poke fun at himself.

“Someone who can be stern if she has to be, and is strong enough to
take on life as it comes and survive it. But who can be compassionate
and tender and make sure to soothe. I forget to take time for that,
and I’ve been trying to do better.”

"Hmm... too bad Weyrwoman Cyradis is taken. She's a strong woman but
seems to be very tender with her children and weyrmate."

"She's a good woman. That's the kind of life I was hoping for." He
paused for a moment, then said, "Did you ever want children and a
partner? Even if you knew you didn't want to have them biologically?"

A'dryn swallowed and looked down at the table. "I thought I would...
have to, eventually. Doing my part for my family and for Pern. It was
expected of me, and staying unmarried too long would have made people
talk." Indeed, people had already been talking and some of the Hold
boys had harassed and beaten him for it. "I didn't like thinking about

A'kades realized he'd hit a sore point. "I'm sorry if I brought up
anything painful."

A'dryn shook his head. "It's alright."

“Still. I hope you get whatever form of family you want for yourself,
here at the Weyr.”

To gloss over the awkwardness, and because A’dryn genuinely seemed to
want to know what A’kades was wanting from his own life, he continued,
“I can’t say everything was bad for me. Even if I didn’t find the
Hall-traditional wife and children, I’ve found a good form of family
for myself… Certainly I got the children, and close relationships here
and there. And then I seem to have adopted some who I didn’t sire,” he
said, eying A’dryn to make it clear what he was thinking.

A shy smile spread across the young greenrider's face as his cheeks
warmed. "Then while you're waiting to find a romantic partner, perhaps
you could lean on those you care for in other ways?"

“I think I just might have to keep expanding my family. And my
friends. And those who fall somewhat in between.” A’kades said.

A'dryn nodded, his smile widening. A'kades deserved all the best in
life, and if he was having trouble finding the right woman, A'dryn
would just have to start looking for suitable candidates.

Last updated on the October 27th 2020

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