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A Mother and Son Reunion

Writers: Phoenix
Date Posted: 3rd July 2019

Characters: S'ran, Sarasy,
Description: S'ran meets up with his mother during the hatching feast and catch up.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 11, day 20 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Rossalin (ANPC)
Mentor Approved.

S'ran's mind was still whirling from the unexpected hatching. He
hadn't expected to impress and had even started walking off the sands
when his Calocanth called out to him. He smiled thinking of the larger
brown hatchling. He stared at the sleeping hatchling and smiled
wishing he had some artistic ability to capture the sight of his
sleeping brown.

After was seemed like forever, but was just a few minutes, S'ran tore
his gaze away from Calocanth and quietly left his temporary room. He
was soon dragged into the flow of people going to the hatching feast.
He couldn't wait to see his mother. She'd arrived just in time for the
hatching, but he hadn't had a chance to see her. It'd be good to get
caught back up with her and the going on's at their hold.

Soon as he was in the hall, he pushed himself towards the wall so he
could see if he could spot his mother or his sister. He was happy for
his sister. She'd walked away with a Green dragon. He wasn't able to
catch her name as he was occupied with Calocanth. After scanning the
hall, he spotted his mother at one of the back tables. He knew she'd
be there as she often hid herself in the back corner of their holds
dining hall.

He nudged his way through the crowd and eventually got to his mom.
"H'llo Ma" S'ran said hugging her from the side.

Sarasy startled when someone hugged her but quickly relaxed when she
realized it was Saran...well S'ran now she surmised. She had been
looking the other way hoping to spot her son or daughter. She was
extremely proud of them. She smiled brightly at him and hugged him
back awkwardly. "Hey son how are you!" she exclaimed happily.
"Congratulations on impressing. What's his name?" she continued on.

S'ran smiled back at her and stole the seat next to her. "I'm good. I
impressed to Calocanth. He's sleeping right now. I didn't think I'd
even impress like Rossalin did. Have you seen her yet?" he asked

"Not yet, but then the feast just began. I'm sure she'll find us soon.
Are you enjoying it here?" she asked as she slid her tray over to him.
She was too excited to eat but knew S'ran hadn't made it to the line

S'ran pushed the tray so it was in the middle of them so they could
both eat. He grabbed a meat roll from the small pile she had. They
both loved the meat rolls and tended to horde them a bit when there
were some around. "It's different, that's fer sure." he said after he
swallowed his bite. "How's Hazelnut? Did she foal yet?" he asked
worried about his runner. He knew that now he was a weyrling, he
technically wouldn't be able to keep her. But he knew his mother would
take her in. He just needed to finalize the hide work so she was in
his mothers care.

"About three seven-days ago. She had a colt that looked exactly like
Hazel." Sarasy replied. She'd fallen in love with the colt the first
time she saw him. "I named him Chestnut to keep up the same theme."
she said wryly.

"Chestnut...." S'ran said testing the name. "I like it! Speaking of, I
need to transfer their ownership to you. I can't have runners as a
rider." he said a bit sadly. "I'll have the hidework to you in the
next few days." S'ran told his mom.

Sarasy nodded knowing her son loved that mare. "Don't worry. I'll take
care of them." she said firmly. She loved riding on her free days, so
knew how to take care of a runner. Her husband wouldn't of had it if
she knew nothing of his second love. She sure missed that man!

S'ran sighed letting go of his sadness. It wasn't time to be sad. This
feast was to congratulate the newest weyrlings. "I know. You loved
them almost as much as me and dad." S'ran said thinking bad on his
father. He missed him, but knew he still lived on in their shared love
of runners.

S'ran pushed his sadness away. "So tell me. What's happened at the
hold since I left." he asked eagerly for news of his friends that had
been left behind.

Sarasy was only too happy to tell S'ran everything.

Last updated on the July 22nd 2019

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