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Flights are Inconvenient

Writers: Devin, Paula
Date Posted: 15th June 2019

Characters: A'dryn, B'jon
Description: A'dryn and B'jon talk after Denenth's mating flight.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 10, day 17 of Turn 9

The challenging cry of a green and the answering calls of her chasers
were a common occurrence in a Weyr. A'dryn had gotten so used to it he
could almost ignore it. Nalarith wasn't rising so it wasn't his

}:It is Denenth,:{ Nalarith said, her mindvoice sleepy. She watched
the dragons gather from her sunny spot on the heights. Greens didn't
get jealous like golds so she observed with mild interest. When her
time came there would be many males to chase her.

"Oh." That meant B'jon was hurrying out to the flight rooms and they
wouldn't be meeting for lunch like they'd planned.

A'dryn asked for a small basket of food and took it up to his weyr to
wait out the flight.

B'jon had always enjoyed Denenth's Mating fligts. He found them
exciting, thrilling. The choice was out of his hands, he would never
know with whom he woke up afterwards.

It was several candlemarks later when he return to his weyr. Has still
flushed from the excitement and exercise, his clothes in disarray,
having been hastily put back on for decency sake.

"Did you have a pleasant time?" A'dryn asked. He couldn't be jealous,
afterall he understood exactly what it was like himself. But mating
flights still felt strange to him, whether it was his own flight or
knowing that B'jon had just been in one. "I left some food for you, in
case you were hungry."

"Yes, I did," B'jon answered the first question, he didn't elaborate
or offer any more details, not wanting to make A'dryn uncomfortable.
"Thank you, I'm indeed hungry and thirsty"

"I thought you might be, especially since you missed lunch." A'dryn
went to their small table and started pulling out carefully wrapped
food from the basket. He'd eaten half of what he brought up from the
kitchens and then set the rest aside for B'jon. There was also a
pitcher of water and a smaller jug of juice.

"They tend to pick inconvenient times to Rise, do they," B'jon remarked.

"Flights are inconvenient in general." It was a wonder dragonriders
got anything done with all the interruptions they caused.

B'jon just shrugged and dug into the food A'dryn had kept for him.
B'jon actually enjoyed the Flights, but he knew that A'dryn didn't.

A'dryn was quiet for a few moments, allowing B'jon to simply eat.
After a while he asked, "How was the rest of your day?"

"Pretty normal, drills and such. Now that Denenth's Risen, I can start
doing Searches again," B'jon replied. Taking green close to Rising out
of the Weyr was generally unwise. With Panitath due to clutch any time
soon, all Searchriders were needed to bring in candidates. Nobody
wanted to see the repeat of Dragonsfall's Hatching.

"I'm a bit sad Nalarith never showed an aptitude for Searching."
Finding new Candidates was such an important responsibility and A'dryn
would have liked having that experience.

"Not every green is a search dragon," B'jon tried to comfort him.

"True. And on the bright side I don't have to face Holders in these
troubled times." A'dryn did interact occasionally on sweeprides, but
holders were pleased to see a dragonrider when they needed help, and
sometimes less so when that rider might take one of their children. He
frowned at the thought. "You _are_ being safe when you go out on
Search, right?"

"That's why we go out in pairs," B'jon assured him. "I usually have
some brown or bronzerider with me. I really like going out with G'ran.
As former guard, he knows how to intimidate people without actually
doing or saying anything. And then I had to listen Denenth flirth with
his bronze whole the time."

A'dryn made a face. "How embarrassing. Nalarith is far too fond of
bronzes. If she must flirt, I do wish she'd pay a little more
attention to blues." And let them win her flights.

"Yeah, Denenth flirts with any male," B'jon replied.

"If only our dragons could catch each other. That would certainly make
things easier."

"Aye, that would be great," B'jon agreed. Having finished eating, he
piled the dishes to be delivered to the kitchen later. He got up and
gave A'dryn a little kiss.

A'dryn smiled. "At least we can come home to each other."

"Yes," B'jon agreed. But inside he wondered, why did feel like a such
a chore sometimes?

Last updated on the June 24th 2019

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