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A Grand Adventure

Writers: Emma, Phoenix, Suzee
Date Posted: 28th April 2019

Characters: S'ran, Oria, L'cor, Rossalin
Description: Saran and his sister get searched for Dolphin Cove Wey
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Date: month 10, day 2 of Turn 9
Notes: Rossalin is adoptable if anyone wants to adopt her :D

Mentor Approved


Saran woke with the sun. He yawned as he got up and dressed in a light
brown long sleeved shirt and leather pants. He put on sturdy wherry
hide boots, and a warm leather jacket on over that. He grabbed his
father's hat of the bedside table and went to wake up his sister
Rossalin. She'd stayed up late last night helping a friend of hers
with a dress that needed a rip mended.

After making sure his sister got up he left to go to the barn to feed
the runners and check on his bay mare Hazelnut. She was 10 months
pregnant. He was nervous as this was to be her first foal. He didn't
want anything to go wrong so was keeping an eye on her. He brushed
her coat and checked her over to make sure everything looked good.
As he watched, he could see the foal kicking her mothers side.

Soon enough, he finished with his morning chores and was headed back
into the Hold to wash up and see if his mother needed anything. Saran
froze as he heard and felt wings flapping. He looked up and saw a couple
dragons coming in for a landing. 'Beautiful...' he thought as he stood there
watching the dragons.

L'cor's bronze Tonuth completely eclipsed Oria's smaller green as
they came in to land. But the recent mood at Emerald falls was such
that any green was escorted by either a bronze or brown. L'cor often
took the duty himself just to be able to see his daughter. This time
he was happy to have his Weyrmate with him.

"We've come on Search," he said to the people he saw gathering. "There
are eggs on the Sands at Dolphin Cove. There wasn't any grumbling at
least within earshot and there seemed to be a few people making their
way to the square.

Oria also dismounted and left Degrorth to take a look at any of the
young people who wanted to present themselves. In the meantime she
watched the people watching the dragons for that 'look' she often saw
in their eyes.

Saran couldn't help but move with the crowd towards the dragons. He'd
never been this close to one. Of course he'd seen them at the hold on
occasional searches or visits, but he'd never been picked. He wasn't
that hopeful of being picked this time either. He tried to see through
the crowd of younger kids and spotted his sister Rossalin coming out
of the hold. He shimmied his way through the crowd to get to her side.
"They're here on Search." he said quietly to Rossalin as he arrived by
her side.

Rossalin smiled at her brother. "Wonder who it'll be." she wondered. She
would love to ride a dragon. She'd heard the Weyrs trained girls in crafts.
She loved her job as a Seamtress, but she really wanted to become a
Tailor. Sure she knew the reasoning behind it, but it still irked her.
She felt she could do more then pop out some babies.

Saran and Rossalin found themselves pushed into the group of potential
candidates. "I guess we'll see then," he stated as he waited to see what
would happen.

"If you could all gather round," Oria said with a glance back to Degrorth.
"When I give the word, Degrorth will come close. There's no need to be
scared or anything, she won't harm you in any way. She's just going to
see if any of you could potentially be a candidate. She'll tell me,
and I hopefully will have the pleasure of being able to tell you what
she knows. She's good at this, trust me. After all, she searched L'cor

Saran gently pushed his sister forward. Saran was content to stand
near the back. He knew the younger kids had a better chance then he
did at being Searched. As is if he got searched, he'd only stand for
one clutch, maybe two if he got lucky.

Rossalin smiled back at him as she moved closer to the front of the
group. She mouthed at Saran 'Good luck!' before turning her attention
back to the Dragonriders.

Oria stepped back, letting Degrorth come closer to the young people.
Close enough to see whatever it was that she saw in people that told
her they could impress. It must have been a long time for those
waiting, long enough to maybe make some of them think twice.

L'cor smiled and watched the various people gathering around. He
wasn't particularly worried about the ones who looked to the dragon to
see if she noticed them. He was watching the watchers for any hint of
aggression or interference.

Saran chuckled as the potentials huddled around nervously. He thought
it was cute that they so desperately wanted to touch the green, but
was afraid to. He couldn't help but laugh as he saw Rossalin put her
hand out then quickly snatch it back. "It'll be ok guys. She won't
hurt you," he said encouragingly to the group. He'd been through
multiple searches but hadn't been one of the lucky ones. Least he
could do was give the others some encouragement.

L'cor wondered if there were more than one to be Searched today and
watched their faces. He saw a young man in the back watching one of
the girls in the front so he motioned him over. "Hi," he smiled as he
came nearer. "I'm L'cor."

Saran took a moment to realize the bronzerider was speaking to him.
When he did he moved over to the Bronzerider and bowed respectfully
towards him. "Hello Bronzerider. How may I help you?" he asked
politely wondering what the bronzerider wanted.

Meanwhile, Degrorth was studying the crowded group, after a long
moment, her mind was made up. A time to mentally confer with Oria, and
an announcement was ready.

"She says that there are three people here who could one day ride
dragons." Oria began, "You," she said, pointing out a young lad with
very fair hair who looked barely old enough to be considered for
search. "You," he gaze turned to an older looking girl towards the
front of the group. "And," she turned to the young man talking to her
weyrmate. "You as well."

"There we go," L'cor remembered the day he was Searched and gave Saran
a big smile. "Want to go take your chances at Impression?"

Saran was quite surprised when him, his sister and one of younger kids
were chosen. He was quite happy for his sister. "I can try, but I
doubt I'd impress this late," he replied with a small smile. "I do
thank you for the chance to try," he said respectfully bowing to the
two riders and dragons.

Rossalin came up next to her brother. "Thank you for choosing us!" she
chirped happily. She looked between her brother and L'cor and
whispered to her brother. "You sure you want to come with her so close
to delivery?" she asked concerned knowing that was one thing her
brother was nervous about.

L'cor, turned startled eyes to the young man. "Oh," he said. "is your
wife expecting?"

Saran shook his head. "No sir. She's my runner. She'll be foaling
sometime next month." Saran said quickly blushing as he replied.
"There's no wife or kids for me." he said grinning.

Rossalin was laughing at her brother when he blushed. She muttered,
"Might as well be with the way you dote on her."

Saran glared at her a moment but then shrugged knowing she was right
on that count.

L'cor chuckled at his mistake. "Hey," I was a steward when she found
me," he indicated the green with his chin. "If you need to inform
anyone or pack we'll be here a while longer."

Saran grinned. "We need to let our mother know and grab some of our
belongings." Saran replied quickly. He knew his mother was in the main
kitchen. Luckily their apartment was close by. "We will be back in a few
minutes." Saran replied respectfully.

Rossalin had already left to inform their mother. She soon came back
followed by an older woman.

Saran smiled as his mom arrived. "Gonna go get our things." he said
leaving the pair. He knew what his sister would want to take. If they
missed anything important their mother could send it along later. He
grabbed several outfits for each of them. He packed his sisters sewing
kit and some other knickknacks that were needed. He personally didn't
need much beyond his clothes. He preferred to keep his belongings safe
and there was a good chance he'd be back home in a couple months

Soon enough he came back with two big satchels and handed one to his
sister. His mother hugged both of them before nudging them towards the

"We just need to wait a moment for the other young man," Oria said.
"But we can get your gear settled and fastened down in the meantime."

Saran smiled at Oria. "Thank you." he said as Rossalin passed over her
satchel to Saran. Saran passed both satchels over the the rider. He
turned to hug his mother. "We'll let you know what happens." he told
her before thinking. He turned back to the riders. "Are family members
allowed to watch the hatching?" he asked worried she wouldn't be able
to come. "If so, what do they have to do?"

"Over here," L'cor waved to Saran and the other young man. "You two
will ride with me." He smiled at them and nodded to answer Saran's
question. "Yes, someone will come to pick them up and bring them when
the hatching starts."

Saran turned to his mother to give her one last hug. "I'm ready sir." he
said moving over to L'cor. He was a bit nervous. This was his first time
touching a dragon, let alone riding one. "I'm happy she'll be able to
come. She's all me and Rossalin have after father passed away." He
said the last bit in a lower tone so his mother wouldn't hear.

Rossalin moved over to Oria. "Am I riding with you?" she asked curiously
since the two boys were riding with L'cor. She'd already said her
goodbyes while Saran was talking to L'cor.

"Yes, yes you will." Oria motioned to Degrorth. "She says that she
prefers to carry ladies."

Rossalin gave the green pair a smile and bowed respectfully to them.
"Thankyou. I'd be honored to ride with you both." she said a bit
shyly. She wondered what Weyrlife would be like. "I am ready to do
when you are." she told told Oria.

Once the luggage was loaded along with his passengers, L'cor mounted
and signaled Oria. Then with a wave to the watching holders they
leaped into the air and popped between.

Last updated on the May 3rd 2019

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