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A Different Perspective

Writers: Devin
Date Posted: 21st January 2018

Characters: N'vanik, A'dryn
Description: N'vanik asks A'dryn's opinion of A'kades
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 2, day 27 of Turn 9


N'vanik had a number of qualified candidates for his new Wingsecond,
but a personal record and a short interview didn't seem like enough to
make a decision on. He'd narrowed it down to three bronzeriders and
one very promising brownrider. Any one of them would likely to a good
job, but he wanted more than just competence.

N'vanik had one of the hides with him as he settled down under his
favorite tree just outside the Weyr. He skimmed through it again and
set it aside just before the young rider he'd called arrived, looking
a little nervous.

A'dryn had come to learn his new Weyrleader was rather casual about
certain things, but he was still surprised to be summoned to a meeting
under a tree. "You sent for me, sir?"

"This is only sort of official, so don't worry about calling me sir."
N'vanik gestured at the ground next to him. "Have a seat. And don't
worry, you're not in trouble."

A'dryn couldn't very well refuse his Weyrleader, so he sat on the
sand, folding his legs under him.

"You were a weyrling under A'kades, right?"

"Yes si-- um, yes." Was this a friendly chat perhaps?

"He's applied to be my new Wingsecond and I wanted to get the
perspective of someone who trained under him."

A'dryn couldn't hide his excitement. "A'kades wants to come here? In our Wing?"

N'vanik smiled. "I take it you like him, then?" That was a good sign.

"He is..." A'dryn considered his words, realizing everything he said
might sway the Weyrleader one way or another. "He became something of
a father figure to me, after my parents... well, sir, they were
extremely disappointed in the color of my dragon." His cheeks heated,
wondering if that was too personal.

"And he took you under his wing, so to speak?" N'vanik chuckled at his pun.

A'dryn relaxed a little, managing a smile. Perhaps the Weyrleader was
looking for a more personal perspective rather than simply how good a
teacher A'kades had been. "Yes. He was quite warm toward me. Not that
he didn't discipline me when it was needed, of course." He didn't want
N'vanik to think A'kades was too soft. "But he was kind and
encouraging toward me. He still is." The thought of A'kades moving
here made his heart swell, especially now that Lanniya had gone to

It sounded like N'vanik's relationship with A'vel. "It's a shame I
don't have the Weyrlingmaster spot open, it sounds like he'd be a
perfect fit."

A'dryn sat a little straighter. "I'm sure he'd be a perfect Wingsecond
as well. He trained all of us for the fighting Wings so he has an
excellent knowledge of formations and experience leading large groups
of riders. He and Volaith are perfectly healthy and capable. I'm
certain they'd do credit to Hurricane, sir."

N'vanik laughed. "Such a passionate defense." It said a lot about
A'kades that this young greenrider had such fondness and admiration
for him.

A'dryn blushed. "I'm only being honest sir."

The bronzerider waved a hand. "Stop with the sir. We aren't in drills."

"I'm sorry." A'dryn snapped his mouth shut before he could call
N'vanik 'sir' again.

N'vanik smiled at him. "This is a hard decision for me. My current
Wingsecond is a good friend and he's going to be difficult to replace.
Impossible, really. But you've just made my choice a little easier."

A'dryn's eyes widened and N'vanik held up a hand. "Don't get too
excited. I haven't decided yet. I have a few more people to talk to
about the other applicants. But A'kades is at the top of my list now."

A'dryn tried to calm himself and only partially succeeded. "If there's
anything I can do to help, any way I could..." What? Push the
Weyrleader into making such an important decision? But the idea of
A'kades coming to Dolphin Cove, being in _his_ Wing, was wonderful.

"As long as you don't start following me around singing his praises."

A'dryn looked at the ground, his cheeks heating again. "I'm sorry, I
don't mean to--"

"Hey, I'm just teasing." N'vanik leaned over to pat his arm. "I'll try
not to leave you in suspense too long, okay?" And it would be greedy
to hold on to R'enh for as long as he could.

Last updated on the March 2nd 2018

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